Dunnage Racks and their Uses

Food and item storage is an indispensable part of any home and food facility. Improper storage can result in damage and waste of resources. Hence, it is only wise that you invest in storage shelves and containers as much as you invest in the items that need to be stored.

What are Dunnage Racks?

Dunnage racks are storage shelves that can be used to preserve foods and other perishable, and nonperishable items in the home. Dunnage makes storage easier, as items are most likely lifted off the floor to create extra space for other activities. If you are curious to know more about dunnage rack, visit on hyperlinked site.

There are different types of dunnage racks, as they are classified based on the following:

Material of Construction

Dunnage racks can be made from plastic, wrought iron, aluminum and stainless steel. While the plastic and aluminum dunnage racks are lightweight and portable, stainless steel and iron are sturdier and can bear more weights.

Type of Shelving

Under shelving method for dunnage racks, there is the louvered and solid shelving. Solid shelving is ideal for large, dry substance, while louvered shelving is to be used for perishables of fairly large sizes.

Any container can easily stay on the solid shelve, but relatively smaller containers may be unable to balance properly on this dunnage rack.

Condition of Use

While some dunnage racks are suitable for refrigeration processes, some other racks can be used in heated compartments like an oven.


Movable dunnage can significantly improve convenience by allowing the easy movement of items from one place to the other. On the other hand, fixed racks are usually more stable and reliable than the movable ones.

Functions of Dunnage Racks


Dunnage racks are used to facilitate the storage of sizeable units away from the floor. Depending on their material of construction, dunnage racks can hold up to 600 pounds of weights and can be used to store several items at a time.

Enhancing Shelf Life

Dunnage racks are also designed to enhance ventilation around stored items in order to prolong their shelf life. Unlike storing foods and perishable items on the floor where moisture facilitates spoilage, dunnage racks feature allowances to let off trapped liquids.

Space Saving

Given that these racks perform two functions at once, they help to save the space that would have been used for shelves and dryers. And since dunnage racks store your products above ground level, they have a way of creating extra, usable space in your kitchen or business.

Helps In Maintaining Food Standards

Food safety standards often require that food item are stored in aerated surfaces that are above the ground. Invariably, dunnage racks make it possible to adhere to several food laws and also prevent food contamination.


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