Education Requirements to Become a Computer Technician

One of the great benefits of this role is that you have the choice of working in a great range of roles in different working environments.

Being qualified as a Level 2 PC Technician is also a practical skill to have.

Knowing how to fix problems when a computer stops doing what is should is inherently useful.

It’s sure to make you very popular amongst your friends and family who might not be as computer savvy as you!

Education Requirements to Become a Computer Technician

You can starting working towards being a computer technician when you are still in high school, if you have made the decision to pursue this as your career.

Enroll in math and science subjects, as well as IT subjects if your school offers them.

Look for a part time job that involves some work with computers, or simply volunteer in your school’s computer lab.

Some schools will allow you to enroll at a computer technician vocational course, so you can earn credit towards a degree while you are still in school.

After you have your high school diploma there are several pathways to which will qualify you to become a computer technician.


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