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According to feng shui, 8 is the number that brings fortune, so Than Tai Temple has created 800 statues so that visitors here can enjoy the blessings of heaven and earth 100 times more. It all looks like a picture of a romantic, charming landscape. The only large and unique restaurant in the mountain Than Tai hot spring park, with a variety of menu up to 120 European and Vietnamese dishes, making visitors spoiled for choice

company commits to the mountain tour In particular and Da Nang tours in general: ✔ high quality new car, from 16 - 30 seats ready to serve you in person. The Long Life Eggs at Than Tai Mountain The hot water from the natural underground circuit is very healthy. especially people with osteoarthritis pain. Particularly for Vietnamese tourists, this will be an international travel experience in the heart of Danang, giving you a different feeling than just a hot mineral bath

✔ companionship with you as a professional and enthusiastic Vietnamese tour guide, always guide visitors carefully in all fun activities, explore. You are taken to the front desk to receive tickets, arrange to send your belongings and prepare to warm up for a fun, spa rest. Xeo cake is another familiar dish of the dear central region

Launched in May, Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh quickly became a "resort phenomenon" in the North. No deposit is required, so you have the right to cancel the tour if you are busy with unexpected work (only half a day notice). Visiting the hot spring park of the god of fortune mountain, you will admire the unique beauty of the dragon-headed turtle mascot in the peaceful flowing stream in the green landscape of the mountain forest

at the same time, promoting the maintenance and enhancement of new products and services to promptly serve tourists as soon as the Covid 19 translation is controlled and ensure safety conditions for tourists as well as staff members. tablets. While Washitsu Ichi has 1 outdoor onsen bath, Washitsu Ni owns 2 mineral baths in the middle of nature. The Statue of Finance is the embodiment of the nation's national security, good fortune not only of the people of Da Nang but also the common desire of tourists from all over the world when arriving at Than Tai Mountain Resort

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