Playtime With Your Cat

Your cat needs to be engaged with daily activities that stimulate them mentally and physically.  You will want to offer your pet cat-safe toys or have cat furniture installed in your home to occupy her time.  Your pet cat will have a lot to gain from spending some time with you by having different interactive and fun games while at home.

●Fetch is a classic activity that you can play with your cat.  Yes, dogs are the pets that typically play fetch, but cats have been known to play it as well.

●Your cat will also like toys that will encourage them to use their natural hunting instincts.  Toys like fishing rods that have toy mice attached to one end, laser pointers, puzzle toys, and feather wands.

●Common household items like yarn, crumpled paper, and cardboard boxes have also been known to occupy a cat’s time and stimulate their mental faculties.

Remember to be there and supervise your cat while she plays.  Do not give your cat any toy that has removable small parts so that choking accidents can be avoided.

Your veterinarian Roanoke, VA is a valuable resource when it comes to issues that affect your pet’s health and behavior.


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