How to make Machine Learning The Best Career Option in 2020?

With the proliferation of artificial intelligence, machine learning has become a mainstream technology in the digital world. It is a part of artificial intelligence where machines (it could be any digital device) are being fed with the huge amount that helps the machine to become smarter.  The more data it gets the more it becomes smarter. 

Today Online Machine LearningTraining Courses are the first choice for many aspirants willing to make a career in the IT sector. Machine learning is a “buzzword” in the industry today. 

Even though you might be using AI but you don’t know about it. Siri, Alexa, and Google now are a few examples of artificial intelligence that work as virtual assistants. They can recognize our voice; fetch the relevant information from the search engine at our voice command and so on. 

Like us, machines are also being taught, though, in a different way. That’s why Google maps can predict the traffic, social media platforms show the content you want to see or explore, and our smartphones know our likes and dislikes too. 

AI is used extensively in various industries like healthcare, education, retail, logistics, manufacturing, etc. The development of AI was developed to make complex calculations process quicker, it has come a long way and now it would not be surprising to say that sooner or later, AI will gain intellectual skills too. 

This is the power of AI that search engines are able to show you pertinent results by scanning billions of pages in a fraction of the seconds. Now you can imagine how powerful it is? 

Machine learning: Most Popular Job in the IT sector, a popular job search engine, shows that machine learning is the most popular job in the US market and IT sector across the globe. In India, machine learning engineers easily manage to earn in six digits, though, machine learning is a complicated topic. It’s not all about coding and programming, machine learning requires more logical and problem-solving skills. Hence, training programs are recommended rather than learning it by own.

It's high time to learn machine learning!

The demand for machine learning engineers is higher than ever and the job opportunities are going to rise even more in the forthcoming years. Machine learning and artificial intelligence, both are trending and most sought-after career options in the current era.  

A report by shows that machine learning engineers managed to earn more than other professionals and probably are the highest paid professionals of 2019. These reasons might be enough for you to consider machine learning as a career path.

Once you gain adequate and comprehensive knowledge of machine learning, below are the most popular career options that you could pursue; 

  1. 1.       Data scientist (ML)

The data scientists are professionals who work with the data and make it more useful by interpreting and examining a large amount of structured and unstructured data. This job required extensive mathematical, programming, and analytical skills. `

To become a data scientist, you need to have strong mathematical and analytical skills. Furthermore, Python training is a must if you want to go into data science. Furthermore, knowledge of big data technologies is also in steps to become a data scientist. 

  1. 2.       Software developer (ML)

Since the inception of the technologies, the software developers have been in demand and as far as the technology is there, the software developers are in demand. There are various kinds of software depending on the technology you are working on.

ML software developers are responsible for developing efficient ML algorithms and software solutions by applying programming knowledge. They have a decent knowledge of multiple programming languages such as the most popular languages of ML - Python and other languages such as PHP, C++/ Java, SQL, and databases. 

3.       Machine learning engineer

Machine learning engineers run several ML experiments and are primarily involved in designing and development of ML algorithms and systems by using programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, Scala, etc.  You are required to have extensive knowledge of the above-mentioned programming languages and databases. Plus, you must be very familiar with the algorithm, data structures, and software architecture. 

Machine learning: A promising career

Machine learning is considered the technology of the 21st century and it has tremendously revolutionized the digital world. AI has amazingly reduced human effort and can handle and work with big data that might be not possible with human efforts. 

On the whole, this is the best career the option that you can prefer today and for this, you should have the best Machine Learning online training to make a way to big companies. 


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