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QuickBooks is a fine accounting tool widely used by small and midsize businesses to digitally and securely carry out their accounting needs. The vast number of functions run by QuickBooks and all its storage depends on the company file's efficacy. An error affecting the working data file can very well halt all the operations within the software. One such issue is “QuickBooks administrator permissions needed” error message. It happens when the user tries to access the company file or run any other action on their QB application without logging into their Windows admin account. In the blog below, we will look at its possible causes and solutions.

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Causes behind the QuickBooks only run as Administrator error

QuickBooks windows administrator required error message can occur due to numerous reasons and some of them are mentioned below.

  • 1.The user has not logged in as administrator to Windows.
  • 2.The admin account of the user is damaged or corrupted.
  • 3.The QB application your are trying to access is not installed properly.
  • 4.The database server manager is not running behind the system.

After stating the possible reasons behind the issue, let’s find out some troubleshooting steps to fix it in the next segment.

What are the solutions to take out the “QuickBooks Administrator Permissions Needed” Error Message?

Below are mentioned the steps that will help you in getting rid of the “QuickBooks asking for admin password” error message.

Solution- 1: Run the QuickBooks as Administrator

You can resolve the issue by simply running your QuickBooks as administrator by following the steps mentioned below.

  • 1.Close QuickBooks and go to your desktop.
  • 2.Right-click on the QB icon and select Run as Administrator option.

Try accessing the company file now. If you still can’t access it, go to the next solution.

Solution- 2: Create a New Windows Admin Account

If the first solution did not help, it could mean that your admin account is either damaged or corrupted. In that case, you can try to create a new admin account for your Windows OS by following the steps mentioned below and then try to open QuickBooks through it.

  • 1.Close QuickBooks, go to the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  • 2.Choose User Accounts and select Manage Another Account option.
  • 3.Click on Create a new account and give it a name.
  • 4.From the drop-down nearby, select Administrator and click on the Create button

Restart your computer system and try to connect to the company file again.
Here comes the end of our blog on the troubleshooting methods for “QuickBooks administrator permissions needed” error message. We hope that the information provided on the blog helps you to overcome the issue. On a different note, if that doesn't happen, feel free to call on the toll-free number 844.932.1139 to get professional assistance on the issue.


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