Guide to Fat Burner Supplements

With the increasing prevalence of obesity, fat burner supplements have gained a lot of attention in terms of its credibility. However, a lot more misconceptions have also been attached to its usage. Luckily, none of the misconceptions have gained scientifically approval.

What are fat burners used for?

Fat burners serve the following purposes-

  • Promote weight loss by several techniques as mentioned above.
  • Boost energy levels.
  • Restrain appetite, which decreases food intake.
  • Cause a rise in body temperature, which further helps in burning more fat.

Types of fat burners:

There are different types of fat burners available in the markets, the first two being the most common ones.

1.) Thermogenic fat burners:

Thermogenic fat burners are the ones that contain stimulants, such as caffeine, capsaicin, theacrine etc. Stimulants basically raise body’s metabolic rate by producing heat inside the body. This rise in the metabolic rate leads to faster weightloss. These are the fat burners that provide the fastest results, but these should be used with most precautions. Long term usage is not at all recommended, as well as people with any medical history should completely avoid them.

2.) Non- Thermogenic fat burners:

There are fat burners which are free from stimulants, i.e. they do not contain any ingredients that produce heat inside the body to raise the metabolism.

3.) Carb Blockers:

Most foods eaten regularly are rich in carbohydrates, and one cannot omit having carbohydrates completely. Moreover, the carbohydrates that the body is not able to utilize are stored as fat. Having carb blockers impede the carbohydrate digesting enzymes, which allows the carbohydrates to be excreted from the body without providing any calories or adding to fat.

4.) Appetite suppressants:

These are fat burners that help in losing weight by reducing hunger and appetite, which leads to satiety after having small amount of foods.

5.) Thyroid regulating fat burners:

If the thyroid gland is not working properly, it is linked with weight gain. Thyroid regulating fat burners provide the body with chemicals that balance the functioning of thyroid and hence support weight loss.

6.) Fat blockers:

Fat blockers work the same way as carb blockers, they prevent the proper digestion and absorption of fats in the body.

7.) Cortisol blockers:

Cortisol is a stress hormone, which is very common to be on the higher side these days. Higher levels of Cortisol create an urge for fats and sugar in the body, which in turn leads to fat.

Who should use Fat Burners?

Fat burners are not for everyone. People with any medical conditions, especially hypertension, heart disorders or diseases, diabetes, neurological, gastrointestinal disorders etc, should completely avoid having fat burners. Secondly, people losing weight sufficiently by following a proper diet and exercise schedule also need not consume fat burners. Only individuals, who are finding it difficult to lose weight through a lifestyle regime may choose to have fat burner capsules or supplements for short durations, provided that they don’t have any underlying medical condition.


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