Quiet, Sandy, Unexplored Bambolim

Just 7 kms from the capital of Goa, lies a nice, quiet beach. Though not bustling with tourist activities, the place still captures all the natural beauty of Goa in an almost unexplored environment. So, if for your next vacation in Goa, you are searching for a change, you can definitely add Bambolim beach to your ‘places to visit in Goa’ list.

One of the calmer beaches in North Goa, Bambolim is a great place for a lazy beach picnic when on vacation. Unlike the crowded scenes at the other more popular beaches in Goa, this beach gives you a secluded, warm and cozy environment. A perfect place to catch up with family and friends and indulge in leisure activities, rather than parties and shopping spree. However, the beach is not completely devoid of those experiences as well, and one can definitely find a local market and party scene. A favorite place for the students here, as it lies between the University of Goa, as well as the only allopathic medical college in Goa, the Goa Medical College.

The Travel:

The beach is located in Bambolim town, approximately 7 kms from Panaji. Though the beach is well-connected by road, there is no direct bus service to the beach. One can reach the beach by hiring local taxi services.

By Bus: The Kadamba bus terminal, located in Panaji, is the nearest bus station to Bambolim beach.

By Train: The Vasco Da Gama railway station is located 22 kms away from the beach.

By Air: The Vasco Da Gama international airport is approximately 30 kms away from Bambolim town.

Things to do:


Get hold of the person with the camera, grab your vacation dresses and head out for a great photography session. With the serene beach in the backdrop and not much crowd, you can have the best photography sessions amidst the calm waves and majestic sunset.

Shell Collection:

The Bambolim beach is full of beautiful shells and one can spend great leisure time just by walking on the beach and collecting different kinds of shells. The beach is particularly known for Oyster shells.

Boat riding:

A boat-ride at Bambolim beach can be mesmerizing, to say the least. The beach is a favorite amongst fishermen due to the lack of tourism activities, as well as the flat sandy beach. It is definitely a treat to watch them fishing. In fact, if you feel you are up for fishing, you too can spend your time relaxing, as you wait for your next catch.

Water sports:

The beach has a considerable demand for water sports, especially sailing, surfing and scuba diving, due to its reclaimed natural beauty. If you are willing to travel, a four-hour long journey in a speed boat, you can also visit the world-class dive site at Angria Bank, which is located 120 miles away.

Hotels and Restaurants:

Less in numbers, best in taste – this can literally be the motto of Bambolim beach. Not many shacks on the beach, not many eateries or hotels around and still, the few places which are there, provide the best hospitality and cuisines of Goa for one to enjoy!


Just as you enter the beach, you can see Cecilia’s Shack right at the entrance. With very few visitors, the shack doesn’t feel too over-whelming and one can wilt away the day with chilled beer and great music. The food here is simply amazing and one should definitely try out the fresh fish and shrimps here.

Sand and Sea Family Bar & Restaurant

If you plan to go there because it is easy on your wallet, let us warn you that you will end up spending just as much, because you will definitely order twice! The traditional village style Goan fish curry and rice takes you back in time to the original Goan era. The restaurant can be a bit busy, both because it is the only restaurant for quite some distance, as well as it serves great food and drinks.

Grand Hyatt

Located right next to the Bambolim beach, The Grand Hyatt has become one of the biggest reasons for people to have discovered this beach. One can stay at the sea-front rooms offered by the hotel and go for early morning runs on the beach. Regarding the hospitality, the name itself is enough.

If you plan to visit Goa with a completely sure agenda of laying around the whole day and just basking in the sun, then Bambolim beach is tailor-made for you. Though now it is gaining popularity amongst tourists, due to the development in the town, it still has the least crowd compared to the other beaches in Goa. Especially beaches like Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Calangute beach and others can never give you the experience which you can receive at Bambolim. If you plan to include Bambolim in your next visit to Goa, just connect with us and we will make sure your vacation remains memorable
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