Should you wait for the CompTIA's Cloud+ certification instead?

Microsoft's Private Cloud Certification is by far the closest thing we have to a more well-rounded certification. However, you might want to wait for CompTIA's Cloud+, which is currently in development.

CompTIA's Cloud+ certification aims to validate the skills of IT professionals who are working with cloud computing.

If you have a Cloud+ certification, it means that you can:

understand the standard methodologies and terms in cloud computing
maintain, implement and provide cloud infrastructures and technologies, including server, network and virtualization technologies
understand the many aspects of IT security
use the best practices in virtualization and cloud implementations
The certification covers the following areas in cloud computing, listed here by order of importance:

Resource Management
Cloud Concepts and Models
Systems Management
Business Continuity in the Cloud
CompTIA further recommends that Cloud+ candidates have:

CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA or CompTIA Network+
At least two years on the job experience in data center administration, network storage or IT networking
Familiarity with server virtualization technologies


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