Wedding Etiquettes that you should avoid as a Wedding guest

Wedding etiquettes are something that you don’t learn in your school or college. It comes with experience and basic common sense. Our elders tell us how to behave at a wedding venue right from our childhood but still many of us grasp it much later in our lives. Today we will see which are the things that you should avoid doing or saying at a wedding.

Don’t joke with strangers

In a typical Indian wedding, you would get plenty of time to talk and joke around since there is nothing much to do. However, you should never joke with a stranger especially if you are cracking jokes on the wedding couple. This is because you never know how close that person can be with the bride or groom or both of them.

Don’t talk and laugh loudly

We usually observe that the most frustrating guests are the ones that talk and laugh loudly. We don't understand what makes them do so but it is frustrating as all the other guests are trying to witness the special moments that are unfolding in the lives of the groom, bride, and their families. Therefore, we would recommend you to talk slowly and in a low voice. Also, you must laugh at a decibel that is only audible to you.

Eat properly

One of the most important things at a wedding venue is the dining etiquette. Avoid eating hastily and try to maintain all the table manners while you enjoy the wedding feast. Also, don't eat too slowly especially when there are hundreds of people are waiting outside to finish their meals. If you do not eat properly then the other guests will surely notice it and they might try to find out whether you have been invited by the groom's or bride's family. Therefore, eat as decently as you can to avoid a bad reputation for their families.

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