6 Pieces of Material Handling Equipment Your Delivery Company Needs to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

The holiday rush is on the horizon, and your delivery company should be prepared for the extra work that entails. More boxes, more deliveries, and your employees being on top of their game. You can help enable them to do their best with the right material handling equipment, from the classic 2 wheel dolly to ramps to help streamline deliveries. Here are some of the tools your fleet might need to tackle the holiday rush head-on.

Hand Trucks for Moving Multiple Boxes at Once

The 2 wheel dolly, or hand truck, is the perfect tool for moving large boxes or more than one box at once. During the holiday season, it’s not unusual for a single driver to deliver multiple boxes to a single destination. This might require multiple trips between a porch or apartment building and the delivery vehicle. It might only take one trip with a hand truck, and inclement conditions are less of a concern.

Heavy Duty Hand Truck for Large Items

When heavier items need to be delivered, a traditional hand truck may not have the weight capacity. Instead, equip your drivers with a heavy duty hand truck for delivering items like furniture or large appliances. A heavy duty hand truck can eliminate needing another employee for a team lift, allowing a single driver to move heavy items by themselves.

A Stair Climbing Dolly for Easily Tackling Stairs

Whether your delivery business offers white glove delivery or your drivers often deliver to second-floor apartments or condos that lack elevators, a powered stair climbing dolly can improve both safety and efficiency – especially with heavy, awkward loads. It does most of the work for the driver thanks to a powered stair-climbing action, letting the driver stay in an ergonomic position.

Ramps to Navigate Curbs

Trying to move a loaded hand truck up a curb can strain drivers, potentially causing harm. Instead, keeping a small curb or step ramp in every delivery vehicle means drivers will have an easy time navigating, from stairs to a porch or front door.

Gloves for the Best Grip

Your drivers will still need to move the boxes onto the hand trucks, even if they are not going to carry them by hand. With gloves, it’s much easier to get a good grip. Each driver should have gloves that help them hold on to boxes, making it less likely they slip out of their hands. They will be handling more boxes during the holiday rush, which means more chances to drop a box accidentally.

Bonus: Boots for Every Driver

Your delivery drivers may need sturdy boots with good traction to combat inclement weather, depending on where your business is located. You don’t want your drivers to accidentally slip on ice or snow or have soaked shoes from the rain. Keeping your drivers comfortable as they deliver can help them keep up their efficiency, which is vital when there are always more packages to deliver during the holiday season.

About Magline

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