Learn from the Habits of Successful Students

We all have one of these exemplary students in our proximity: they are incredibly talented in all subjects; they don’t have any troubles completing the given assignments, and they magically manage to cover the entire material for the exams. While their friends keep scratching their heads wondering what they are doing wrong, these high achievers maintain successful academic and social lives at the same time. What’s their secret?

Let’s examine some of the common habits of successful students. If you learn from their practices, maybe you’ll boost your own ability to learn and achieve every goal on time.

1. Creating personal study notes
Everyone knows it’s easier to skip the note-taking process and copy the study notes someone else has created. Will that help you learn more effectively? No! The most successful students are active learners. They create their own notes, mindmaps and flashcards during the studying process. Thus, they are able to memorize the information easily.

2. Working under detailed study plans
The best students always work according to a plan. They know how much studying it takes for a particular exam, so they plan their days and weeks accordingly. They never leave things for the last minute. Having a well-balanced study plan that involves the right dosage of learning, exercise and rest will help you focus. Good results will be inevitable.

3. Effective breaks
Someone mentioned rest? It is important to realize you cannot process too much information in too little time. You need to allow for the facts to settle in before you continue with another session of studying. Plan the time wisely and use the breaks to recharge your batteries. Choose an activity that boosts your mind to work in an active mode. Make a healthy smoothie, take a power nap and you’ll be able to proceed with high energy levels.

4. Self-testing
This is another habit of successful learners that mediocre students choose to avoid. If you review the coursework material in regular bursts, you will become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you will be able to refresh your memory and fill in the gaps. You can create practice quizzes that will add some fun in the process.

5. Imposing questions
When you go through the exam material, are you wondering what questions the test might include? You should be! Instead of passive reading and repetition, you should act like top-performing students: they ask their own questions and plan possible answers. The best students take one step further: they get into discussions with the lecturers. If they don’t understand parts of the material or they simply want more information on certain points, they are not afraid to ask their questions.

6. Working under test conditions
If tests stress you out, the best way to make yourself feel more comfortable in such setting is to practice. That’s what some of the best students do. When they prepare for tests, they create a “real” situation. They put the books away and time their answers. This strategy helps them focus and come to a real estimation of their knowledge.

7. Learning from mistakes
No one is spared from bad experiences. Even the perfect achievers have their moments of weakness. The difference is in their attitude: instead of being stressed about the lower results, they learn from the experience and think what they did wrong.

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Enhancing your learning after mistakes is one of the most important habits you should try to adopt.


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