Awe-Inspiring Custom Packaging Boxes at Retails

I was so amazed by the custom packaging boxes in the gifts section of our local retail store. It is a fine place to shop for gifts. Many jewelry brands, perfume brands, and even watches, etc. stock their products here. I never have to go anywhere else to search for gifts. The best thing about this retail is that it is in the vicinity of my workplace. Last week I was there to look for a perfect pair of earrings for my sister on her birthday. Although I had been getting different gifts for my friends and family members from this retail for many years, I hadn’t explored the jewelry section properly. Maybe because I don’t have an interest in jewelry. But, my sister, on the other hand, loves jewelry. Her dressing counter always shows different custom retail packaging boxes with delicate jewelry items in them, which she wears on regular basis.

As I entered the section of jewelry items, I got dazzled by the lights. Everything was bright and shiny. Countless counters were displaying all sorts of rings, earrings, necklaces, and watches. Some were displayed in custom jewelry display boxes. These items were more accessible and inviting than watches and other products displayed behind locked glass cabinets. I loved peering at these products and holding them in hand to get a feel of the item. But nothing really interested me. I knew what my sister preferred in earrings. She liked to wear small studs that she can easily wear throughout the day. The products on display in these custom display boxes were definitely not according to her taste. So, I decided to ask for assistance from a sales rep in the jewelry section.

As I explained what I needed, she showed me a range of exquisite studs. She also suggested having a look at tennis bracelets, which can be easily worn to work. As she handed me one beautiful custom retail packaging box of a tennis bracelet, I was mesmerized more by the box than the bracelet itself. The bracelet, no doubt was a unique and delicate product that I knew my sister would love. It was the packaging of this bracelet that won my heart. The exterior of this range of custom jewelry boxes for business, which packaged bracelets, were in metallic silver and navy-blue shade. The brand logo was positioned in the middle of the boxes, which left little need for any other detail. The back-side of the box was printed with ‘instructions’ regarding storing and using this bracelet. This custom jewelry packaging looked like a little silver gem in my hands.

One look at this customized jewelry packaging and I was sold. I knew that no packaging perfection will ever come close to this exclusive jewelry box, which will look astounding sitting on the counter of my sister. The pretty bracelet was something she could wear at formal and casual events. She will be able to carry this custom box in her purse as it was really tiny. She won’t have to worry about rummaging through the bag after her daily swim. This box will store her bracelet till the time she uses it next. Another great attribute of this custom jewelry box was that it came with an internal insert that was made from cardboard and foam. This insert was perfect for protecting the bracelet against impacts and kept it from rolling inside the box.

The more I thought about the custom jewelry packaging that came with the bracelet, the better I felt about buying it for my sister. Finally, I gave in and selected the bracelet over the ear studs that I had come to buy. My sister loved the present. But I am still convinced that my buying decision was based on custom printed boxes.

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