Where To Get The Best Treatment For Sexual Problems In Navi Mumbai?!

We are gradually going towards development and growth, but there are still many which need development and change and that is the thinking of the people. One of the major issues that need change is talking about sexual problems. People tend to feel judged whenever they want to discuss their sexual problems as people think of it as taboo which shouldn't be discussed. Fortunately, Sexologist In Thane listens and understands, and gives suitable treatments to their patients without any judgments. 

For the last 90 years, Dr. Yogender Rai's family has been researching and improving the remedies created by his grandfather, and those remedies have saved thousands of relationships until now. His late grandfather, Late Rajyavaid Pt. Chandrasen Jain was a famous sexologist/yon rog/gupt rog/charmyog/petrog of the 20th Century. He was so famous that many Nawabs and Kings came to him for the treatments. He was a great believer in Ayurveda and also researched and developed a cure for sexual problems with natural ingredients and counseling, so that secret is preserved within our family. 


Sexologist In Navi Mumbai has a team of experienced doctors who get to know their patients personally and get the medical history of them, based on which, a suitable treatment is diagnosed to them. We have been running this center for the last 10 years and have treated 20,000 people till now. 

Our areas of expertise:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Nightfall
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Low Libido

With the help of ancient remedies and modern technologies, we make the most effective treatments that our patients start feeling well in the first two days of the treatment only. We have a different team of professionals as well, who take track of our patients that if they are satisfied with our treatments and services or not.

So if you or your loved ones have any problem related to sex, then you know where to come now.


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