Expert Guidelines About The Structure Of An Essay

A student should know just by looking at the prompt, what type of essay they are going to write. There are many types of academic essays that students are asked to write in their academic studies by an essay writer. They each have different styles and take on different essay prompts. 

Some of the main essay types are:

  • Expository Essays: These essays take a subject and go in its details to provide us with analysis. 
  • Persuasive Essays: The category includes the essays that argue for or against an issue or an argument. 
  • Narrative Essays: These essays read like a short story with all the components. It conveys a message to the reader through its theme and story.
  • Descriptive essay: As obvious by its name, the descriptive essay describes a scene, an object, or a place using the sensory description.

The Introduction

The introduction should take the funnel approach. The thesis statement and the road map for the essay is the main part of the introductory paragraph and for that purpose you can also take help from an essay writing service. The subject of the topic should be discussed in general and narrowed with each sentence to focus on the essay prompt. 

Thesis Statement

A lot of emphases is put upon the thesis statement as it is one of the important parts of the essay. The thesis statement presents to the reader the argument that you will introduce and discuss in the essay. It will refer to the problem of an existing argument if any, that the essay plans to confront or analyze. 

Road Map

For shorter essays, the road map is joined with the thesis statement, while in longer and more comprehensive essays it takes its own short paragraph. It will prep the reader about the sequence of subtopics that you will present in the body of the write my essay. The road map tells the reader how you are planning to construct your argument. 

Body Paragraphs

An essay will have three or more paragraphs depending on the length of the essay and the vastness of the subject matter. While writing the paragraphs you should take to perfect these parts.

Topic Sentence

The topic sentence will be the introduction to the argument presented in the paragraphs. It comes at the beginning of each paragraph. You should make sure that the argument or the claim in the topic sentence is mentioned in the thesis statement and that it contributes to the main argument of the essay. The task of college essay writing gets a lot easier when you are aware of the different types of essays, their style, and structure. These sentences will later help you write the essay conclusion. 

Effective Paragraphing and Transitioning

An effective paragraph is one that doesn’t ramble and discusses one topic at a time. It should also be well backed by solid and relevant evidence while maintaining a good flow of logic in the argument. You should make that you don’t have any logical fallacies in the arguments and the reasoning is sound. This logic should also pave the way for transitioning between the paragraphs. If necessary, you should employ transition words.


Whereas in the introduction, you stated how you are going to present your argument, here you will tell your reader what and how you have successfully demonstrated what you set out to do. It is common for an online essay writer in many essays to leave the reader with a final word or a call for action regarding further research required on the subject.  The conclusion will include the main points of the essay, while also restating the thesis in the new light.

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