Khaosan Road reopened after some facelift

Khao San Road, one of Bangkok's most famous tourist spots, is set to open in full next month (Sep 2020) after undergoing a comprehensive facelift with an investment of close to 50 million baht by the Bangkok municipality during the closure of the corona crisis.

As a part of a new market street management plan, a total of only 480 hawkers are allowed to trade in two shifts each day, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and from 4:00 p.m. to midnight.
At a special meeting attended by the Governor of Bangkok, measures were taken to open the street, which had been closed for months, and only a few hawkers returned to work in the face of the severe slowdown inactivity caused by the country’s closure to foreign tourists due to Covid-19 pandemic which stopped all tours to operate at that time. 
The licensed hawkers, who have met the criteria, will have to place their stalls in designated areas and spaces at intervals according to the new management plan. According to the new rules, each stand will be one and a half meters wide and two meters long.

Most of the stalls will sell general products, and some, according to permission, will sell food and drink. The governor announced, among other things, that the sale of pirated products would be subject to heavy penalties. All roads and passages to the Khao San road are now there fat the same level, gutters connected to the main drainage system were built on both sides of the road, and a designated place was allocated for emergency services, such as a parking space for fire trucks.

Hopefully, once Thailand returns to have tourists coming in, the Khaosan road will be ready to have them back.


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