A Novice’s Guide To Running Gears

Are you a beginner when it comes to running? It might be confusing when running pros blabber about running gears when you think running is just a basic thing and that nothing much is needed to do it. You might be thinking if those gears they are blabbering about will serve you any good.  This is a basic guide for novices about the necessary running gears to get you started.


First, you need the essentials—the right sports apparel. The most important thing to secure is a decent pair of running shoes. Make sure it is comfy and light. Wearing inappropriate footwear will not only hurt your feet but will also injure you.

Second, you need padded socks. There are socks specially designed for running that are moisture-wicking and seamless. This will make running comfortable and thwart blister formation. 

Third, running shorts. Your running shorts must be body fit and made from synthetic materials that are stretchable, moisture-wicking, and non-constricting for a comfortable running experience. You can also use tights.  

Fourth, the shirt used must not be cotton but made from technical fabric. It must be lightweight and moisture-wicking, Fifth, you will also need a sports brassiere (if you are female). Without this, you will not have adequate support for your breast movement. If the breasts aren’t secured, expect an uncomfortable running experience. 

Sixth, you might also need headwear that may protect you from the sunlight like a cap with a visor. Other things you might need to protect the face include a face mask (to protect against smoke, dust, and especially this time, from COVID 19 virus.)


Aside from sports clothing, you will also need these gadgets or gears.


For your running sessions, you might need a specialized sports watch with a timer to monitor your running time. It is also good if this watch has a Global Positioning System, especially when you are running in an unfamiliar area, and if you want to track your speed and duration of running.


The best running mate is a pair of earphones that will play upbeat, positive, and motivational music to set your mood for running. The wireless ones are better than the wired ones if you want to have a convenient listening to music while running. Wired ones tend to tangle and detach with the gadget. Earphones help you pass time and even improve your performance. Make sure that they are waterproof (because of course, you will be sweating a lot), and play ambient music (and not noise-canceling) so that you can still hear safety cues from the surroundings. 


There is an ideal heart rate to be maintained while running, and in order for you to control your pace, you need a device that tracks your heartbeats precisely so that you can adjust your intensity or speed. You need a heart rate monitoring device that is secured on your chest to keep your training moderate. Some heart rate monitors also have advanced features like information about the total calories you burned. This is an important gear but it is not a high priority one. 

Do you need these things? Yes. These are not only for the sake of looking good and fashionable, but to make your running efficient and to ensure good performance. Want to know more about running gears? Visit outdoorfitlab.com to get more information about it.


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