The Material Handling Tools to Optimize Your Dairy Distribution Business

Dairy distribution businesses face unique challenges. For instance, a bottleneck or spill in the dairy production or delivery process may mean spoiled products that need to be replaced, causing increased delays. Investing in the right material handling equipment, however, can optimize your business’s efficiency and reduce those risks. Just knowing when to upgrade material handling tools, like replacing a traditional hand truck with a motorized hand truck can help employees work efficiently and safely. The right motorized material handling equipment, and other tools, can prevent human error in supply chains and delivery routes.

Material Handling Upgrades for Facility Efficiency

It can be difficult to identify the exact causes of workflow inefficiency because people will often adapt to insufficient equipment. Proactively giving employees the tools they need can solve problems that no one was consciously aware of or address unspoken frustrations. Material handling tasks are easier and shorter with high-quality equipment. Personnel may be less inclined to avoid or delay material handling tasks like wrangling heavy loads if they can properly balance them and move them without exertion. Frustration with suboptimal equipment also increases the risk of high turnover.

Material Handling Selection for Facility Safety

Upgrading to a powered hand truck from a traditional model when called for has an additional benefit—safety of personnel and products. Along with being frustrating and inefficient, attempting to lift or transport loads without the best equipment is often dangerous. It increases the risk of costly product loss and, more importantly, of injuries. With less physical exertion, employees are empowered to work more carefully and more efficiently.

Material Handling Equipment for Delivery Route Challenges

Material handling equipment can also address issues on delivery routes. Though the challenges are similar, delivery routes often need unique approaches and equipment. For instance, navigating stairs with heavy loads on a traditional hand truck is time consuming and risky for products, employees, and others. A powered stair climbing hand truck does the bulk of the heavy lifting, saving a considerable amount of time and significantly reducing the risk.

Material Handling Equipment for Delivery Load Challenges

Delivering dairy products will likely sometimes require moving loads more diverse than conveniently organized boxes or cases—gallon jugs and cartons, for example. A convertible hand truck can be operated in the traditional vertical position and a horizontal position that provides considerably more platform space. Loads that would have otherwise required five or six trips could be reduced to one or two. It’s precisely the sort of practical material handling upgrade that effectively increases efficiency.

Material Handling Customization for the Distribution Process

If your business’s facility or delivery fleet is outfitted with off-brand equipment, make transitioning to an established, reliable supplier part of any material handling upgrade. Doing so is likely to increase the level of quality, ease of use, and the likelihood of beneficial financing options. It will also almost certainly make getting replacement parts easier. Crucially, a name brand supplier provides the opportunity to customize the equipment to best suit your company’s precise requirements.

About Magline

For over 70 years now, the Magliner name has been a byword in the material handling industry for the highest standards of reliability and quality. That’s because Magliner dollies, like all of their material handling equipment, can always be trusted to deliver best-in-class durability, safety features, and customization. In addition to the iconic and ultra-customizable traditional Magliner hand truck, you can rely on their powered stair climbing hand truck line, motorized hand truck series, hand lift truck selection, and a whole lot more. When you or your business need anything delivered, lifted, or moved from here to there, you can always trust Magliner equipment to get it done quickly, safely, and efficiently. Learn more about upgrading your material handling fleet today with great financing options for Magliner equipment.

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