5 Tips for Managing Periods of Increased Package Delivery

Whether it’s the holiday season or just a surge in packages with more consumers shopping online, periods of increased package delivery can put a strain on delivery businesses. From equipping your employees with reliable hand trucks to ensuring it’s easy to find items in the warehouse, there are plenty of ways you can increase delivery efficiency to keep up with rising demand. Here are five tips.

Keep Internal Processes Simple

First, if your business employs multiple programs for a single process, such as tracking products, try to simplify as much as possible. Streamlined processes mean a simpler, more efficient workflow, which can, in turn, streamline deliveries. If everything is integrated and works together well, the entire delivery process is smoother.

Know Where Products Are in the Warehouse

Using scanners helps your team understand the location and quantities of a given product and is vital during peak periods. This helps your team move products from the shelf to delivery vehicles faster, letting drivers get out the door sooner. If your employees don’t know where a product is, it could delay the delivery, causing efficiency issues. Ensure that every member of the team understands your organization’s inventory tracking procedures.

Get or Upgrade Hand Trucks for Your Fleet

Supplying a premium hand cart for every vehicle helps improve efficiency and safety. If your delivery fleet does not already have a hand cart for each vehicle, then some of your drivers are likely delivering each box or product by hand. A durable hand truck can hold more boxes than a person while also enabling them to move faster with less of a chance of tripping.

If your fleet of drivers already has hand trucks, consider upgrading and ordering custom hand trucks designed to fit your drivers’ needs. This could be a change in wheels, accessories, or a more ergonomic handle. Or, if your employees need options, a convertible hand truck acts as a vertical hand truck but can quickly transform into a horizontal platform cart, allowing for greater flexibility.

Consider Specialized Hand Trucks

If your drivers have larger items to move, such as appliances, consider equipping them with a heavy duty hand cart to manage the larger load. Or, if their route includes stairs they have to traverse, a powered stair climbing dolly might be the best option. Suppose your warehouse workers need to move larger items around the warehouse and into delivery vehicles. In that case, a powered hand truck makes the job fast and easy for a single employee to do. With specialized hand trucks for specific use cases, your team can work more efficiently and safely.

Reconsider Warehouse Layouts

During the rush, you might want to reconsider your warehouse layout. Keep the products that are flying off the shelves closer to the delivery vehicles, and make it easier for warehouse workers to move items onto delivery trucks. The key is to enable your warehouse workers to be as efficient as possible, taking as little time to locate the products and load them without sacrificing their safety. If you have a smaller warehouse, consider using a hand lift truck instead of a traditional forklift truck to save space and increase efficiency.

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