​Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip exchange Guide

With the development of the game, the island needs to build more houses and public facilities. We need more Bells, you can quickly Buy Animal Crossing Bells from the acitems.com store. Some tasks cannot be loaned, and work will only start after you complete the checkout, so economic problems will become prominent.

Don't worry, simple daily tasks are very slow to make money, but when the construction of Nook Cranny is completed, there will be a Turnip trading project. Every Sunday, from 4:00 AM to 12:00 PM, one named Daisy The character of Mae will linger on your island. She is easy to recognize: Turnip on her head.

Turnip is a special project in the animal hybrid series.
During this time, Daisy Mae will sell you carrots at a predetermined price of 90-110 minutes. Lower prices are better. You can buy them for a bunch of 10 packs, and you can easily put all your wealth into carrots, many of them are fine.

How to store them?
Turnip cannot be stored like regular items. You have to spread them on the ground or the floor, for this reason, many people have dedicated radish houses in their houses.

They can only be purchased on Sundays. You can come to Nook Cranny every day to ask Timmy and Tommy about Turnip prices. They change the price in the morning and noon every day. These prices fluctuate in a wide range, from the lowest 15 bells to the highest 650. Then sell it at the right price, and if you don't sell them within a week, they will rot. Their prices fluctuate like the stock market, so you can lose money or make money, depending on when you sell them.

There is another way to earn more Bells through Turnip transactions.
The buying and selling prices are different for each island. This creates a market that can greatly increase your chances of getting high prices: you may only be able to sell 40 bells, while your friend may sell 400 bells. You can go to their islands, sell them at their prices, and get rewards.


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