Card Readers: Best One You Can Have Under 200

Memory card readers have turned out to have an important place in our daily life. They make our task of transferring files or data from the camera, or other gadgets to laptops, PC’s and smartphone simpler and hassle-free. These card readers are easily accessible to different ports which offer a suitable method to transfer the data. Furthermore, another benefit of using card readers is that one does not have to search for store links so that they exchange their data. They can simply connect the laptop or smartphone with their memory card and can transfer the files easily. There are different types of card readers available in the market varying in the different price range. One can easily get a cheap card reader which can make their task easier and there is no requirement to go for a costly card reader. Therefore, below are the best card reader under 200, you can buy from the market.

1.      Amani Card Reader ASP CR 570

The Amani card reader ASP CR 570 is the best card reader under 200 you can get. This memory card reader supports all types of memory cards. One can quickly transfer all their files from the memory card to the device as the transfer speed is up to 480 Mbps. Moreover, the users also get the plug-and-play for the PC platform. It is compatible with the different versions of windows like Windows 7, 8, XP, etc.

2.      Amani Card Reader ASP CLR 580

If you want our card reader to be of a unique shape then you should go for this Amani card reader ASP CLR 580. This card reader comes in a variety of shapes like the shape of an android, fish, and other shapes. The users will get ultra-fast transfer speed up to 2gbps which means it will take less time to transfer large files. It is compatible with all models of MacBook and all the versions of Windows.

3.      Iball CR 24 Card Reader

This Iball card reader is another excellent card reader Online This also supports a plug-and-play system that ensures that this device can efficiently read the memory card without requiring the use of an adapter. It is fully compatible with USB 2.0 and with different makes and varieties of memory cards. One can easily fit 2 memory cards in this card reader as it comes with 2 card slots. Thus, you can prefer the above-discussed card readers under 200 to make your process of transferring files from memory card to laptop seamless.


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