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Dr. Yogendra K.Rai is recognized as top piles specialist in Thane. In Mumbai for successful and painless treatment of anorectal disorders like Piles, fissures, and fistula. We provide treatment with a Piles Specialist Doctor In Mumbai for the anorectal disorder. Our pile's clinic is well fitted for all sorts of rectal disease with an advanced procedure facility.


In the anal region, masses are inflamed and bloated collections of tissue. They may have a variety of sizes, and they may be internal or external. The internal stacks are usually positioned between 2 and 4 cm above the opening of the anus and are the most common type. External stacks are on the very site of the anus.


Symptoms of piles

There is no reason for piles to display any visible signs.

1- A lump around or in the anus.

2- The skin around the anus feels sore or itchy

3-In case of external piles, feeling of discomfort and pain after a bowel movement.

4-Feeling of constipation

5-Bleeding during the bowel movement

6-Leaking faces or slimy mucus discharge from the anus.


 People typically feel ashamed to discuss these problems with others, but with us, you don't have to think about it. We give the patient a relaxed and safe atmosphere and ensure them that their concerns are private with the doctor. The teams of physicians who are present at the facility can never leave the patients' site until they fully heal.


Cause of piles

Under strain, the blood vessels around the anus and in the the rectum will stretch and may expand or bulge, creating masses. This may be because of:

1-Due to Chronic constipation

2-Chronic diarrhea is a cause of piles

3-Due to lifting heavyweights

4-Due to pregnancy

5-While passing a stool straining will occur


Over the past 15 years, Dr. Yogendra Rai is the Piles Specialist Doctor In Mumbai has been treating patients with piles, fistula, and fissures with a high success rate. This therapy is non-operational. The clinic completely healed thousands of people and now they live happier life.


Dr. Yogendra Rai, Dr. Naik, and Dr. Ashish Rai are our team of physicians who are willing to handle all levels of rectal disorders. The patient is assessed and then the course of prescription or therapy is given according to the depth of the issue.


Our goal is to provide easy access for patients with hemorrhoids, fistulas, and fissures, and we are successful in doing so through multiple initiatives. Dr. Yogendra K Rai organizes free examination camps from time to time for financially disadvantaged people. So far, about ten camps have been planned.


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