Lightning And Heat Requirements Of Pet Tarantulas

Tarantulas will thrive in dark areas which direct sunlight cannot reach.  Tarantulas do not like bright lights and incandescent light sources can dry out spiders like these.  For your tarantula’s warming requirements, heating pads or strips can be placed beneath a small section of the enclosure.  The inside temperature of the enclosure should be kept between seventy-five to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit.   There are also tarantula species that do not require high humidity levels so for these ones, just provide a shallow water bowl in the enclosure and mist weekly.  But for species that need higher humidity levels, mist more often.  Keep humidity and temperature gauges in the enclosure to be able to watch out for the immediate environment’s conditions.  In high-temperature seasons, be sure to implement measures so that the right humidity levels are maintained.

Tarantula enclosures do not require cleaning very often.  If the pet spider can thrive okay at lower humidity levels, then a yearly enclosure cleaning will be adequate.  However, for the species that need higher humidity levels in their environment, their enclosure needs to be cleaned more often.

Contact your veterinarian Crown Point, IN if you happen to have more questions and/or concerns regarding your pet’s needs and health.


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