Cheap Paintball Pistols Under $150

There has been a massive surge in paintball recently, of pistols. Paintball has made a big turn back to the woods, and with it are more realistic gear. This gear includes everything from tactical paintball vests, rifles, grenade launchers, and pistols - all very real in looks.

For the user that wants to get into this realm of paintball, you should know first that it is a bit pricey - much like the competitive part of paintball is. However, while realistic looking paintball pistols are hard to find for under $200, you still can find some other great options, of which happen to be under $150.

Below are 3 great, cheap paintball pistols under $150.

BT SA-17 - This is a hefty one. It's got the weight and durability of a UFC Heavyweight. It is a top feeder, which allows for easy loading, and eliminates the need for clips. Also, it should be said that this is one of the FEW.68 caliber paintball pistols out there, and better yet, its one of the most affordable.

Kingman Eraser - I had the chance to hold one of these, and immediately was drawn to how balanced it is. Sure, it uses.40 caliber paintballs, and you would have to buy another type of paintball besides the usual.68 caliber, but the good thing is they are affordable, and more practical for a pistol to be shooting. The Eraser is the aluminum model of their "Kingman Training" line. It is more durable than the Chaser, but goes for a higher price.

Kingman Chaser - The baby of the bunch. I only say that because it's the cheapest of the 3. This all-composite pistol, is affordable, and has all the bells and whistles of the Eraser - just cheaper materials. This just means you can get a backup pistol for cheaper.

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