What Is Live Dealer Baccarat And How It Is Played!

Baccarat is a card game that has been around for quite some time. It was first introduced during the reign of Charles VIII of France in 1483 thru 1498. There are three different variations of the game but only one that is recognized in North America. The game is called Punto Banco and there is absolutely no skill, no strategy or anything involved in playing this variation. This variation is built on chance and a whole lot of luck.

The game of แทงบาคาร่าออนไลน์ 5 บาท has three outcomes, the Player will win, the Banker will win or there will be a Tie. Keep in mind that these are simple terms they do not refer to anything. In most games when you hear banker you would assume that they mean the house but not in Baccarat, these are just places on the table where you can place your bet.

Face Value of Cards

The cards have a 2 thru 9 face value. The tens and the face cards are not worth anything and the Aces are only worth one point. The players who are playing the game can count the score by adding their cards and reaching ten points. When you hit a ten or above the tens digit is dropped from the hand. There are 2 cards dealt to each player, now for example if you get a 6 and a 2 that equals 8 so 8 would be your score. If you get a 7 and a 7 that equals 14 but the tens digit is dropped and your score becomes 4.

Punto Banco Game

The Punto Banco game is played in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Macau. You as a player can choose to place your bet on the Player spot on the table or the banker spot. The cards are dealt face down , one goes to the player and the other goes to the banker and then again so both spots have two cards. Then both cards are turned over and they are added together. The hand that has the highest score will win the bet. The player and the banker may draw one card or stay.

The house will deal the cards and they will announce which spot one the player or the banker. If you lose then you just restart with a new bet but if you win and most casinos do this, when you win the house will collect a 5 percent commission is paid to the house. If both the player and the banker end up with the same total then the game ends in a tie. If you bet there would be a tie, in most casinos ties are paid at 9 for 1 or 8 to 1.


There is more happening at this table than any other. There is a croupier who directs the game and there are 2 dealers who are in charge of collecting and paying out bets and keeping score of the houses commissions. There are usually 6 to 8 decks of cards that are shuffled together to create one huge deck. The game is purely chance and all you can do is sit back and watch.


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