5 reasons why you need a virtual address in the USA

You have probably already tried to buy a laptop or smartphone, toys or clothes from American online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy. And only after ordering you become aware that the US post office does not send parcels to Russia or Belarus. In practice, this is the first experience of buyers living outside the United States.

You can find the latest novelties in the American store, often at a much lower price than in other countries, if the US product is available to you at all. Does this mean you can never shop? Definitely not! All you need is a valid virtual United States mailing address. Here are the Top 5 Benefits with best virtual mail service.

# 1 Buy a product in the  USA

The first main reason for using the postal service is the ability to place orders in US online stores at affordable prices, branded items in the Russian Federation are much more expensive, even taking into account the exchange rate. US stores offer cashbacks, all sorts of promotions, seasonal sales at a discount, which sometimes reaches 70-90% of the cost of the product itself.

# 2 Reduce shipping costs

1) By using an intermediate warehouse in America, you save on shipping from the USA when it comes to buying light, small-sized items.  For example, one accessory or a small spare part, since the cost is calculated taking into account the actual weight , shipping from the USA will cost $ 6.5, since the minimum shipping weight via USApostline is 100 grams .. Agree! This cannot be called a waste of money, more like an investment.

2) By consolidating several parcels in the warehouse into one. Sending five orders from different stores by one combined parcel will cost $70, instead of sending directly from a seller to the Russian Federation with five separate orders weighing up to 1 kg, it will cost about $ 260. 

# 3 Protection of customs risks

All goods transported across the border are subject to mandatory customs clearance. Indeed, due to ignorance of the intricacies of working with customs, US goods can be detained, in case of gross violations, even seizure. Delivery of purchases through your own address includes a free online service for preliminary verification of declarations, which ensures fast parcel passage, confidence in avoiding re-export.

# 4 Us virtual mailing address saves money

Formally, there is no value added tax (VAT) in the United States; instead, a sales tax is common, which, depending on the State, can vary from 2-15%. Using the USApostline.com service, you do not pay taxes, the warehouse is located in a tax-free economic zone where shipments are sent. A convincing example of buying an IPhone 7 smartphone with shipping to a warehouse in Delaware,  you will save $ 37.72,  while using the service of an intermediary in the neighboring state of NewYork, you would have to pay an additional tax of 7% on the cost of gadgets. This is how the price of a  phone changes depending on the state of delivery.

# 5 Benefits of collaboration

You have probably already used another similar service for transporting parcels from America. And, since you came to us, the previous price or conditions did not suit you. We do not bite, the usapostline virtual address delivers parcels from the USA throughout other countries at the lowest prices that can be found in this niche. 


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