Advantages of Listening to Music while doing our daily Jobs

The importance and advantages of listening to music in the course of doing our daily jobs can never be overemphasized. Firstly, let's discuss what music itself is all about:

Music is what happens when one or two instruments are combined together in a way that's made to form an organized harmonious sound. according to Wikipedia, it says Music is an art form, and a cultural activity, whose medium is sound. General definitions of music include common elements such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. 

Over the years, research has shown that music especially African music like Nigerian gospel music, South African gospel music, and some other parts of the world's music plays a lot of vital roles in terms of helping the brain, mind, body perform better in every aspect of life. 

So now, let's go straight to the advantages of listening to music at our various workplaces.

1. It relaxes our body- With the aid of our iPods, we can easily play cool and inspiring music such as gospel music while working to makes us feel calm and active thereby making our work less exhausting. 

2. It calms our nerves- While playing music especially when we are doing a kind of tedious work, instead of our muscles to be easily worn off, music tends to calm it down by taking off our mind by psychologically making us shift our focus from the stress of the work through the help of the music. Music does have much effect on our mind and then on the body. When the mind is calm then the nerves are gonna be calm.

3. It makes us be active- Music lowers and blood pressure and heart rates thereby lowering the blood level of stress hormone adrenaline which in turn makes the brain to be active. When the brain is active, automatically the body is also gonna be active thereby making us be energetic in our course of work. In addition, some kind of fast music also helps in making our brain respond actively thereby making the body active to perform its work.

4. It improves our mood- Music is no doubt a source of joy and happiness, it makes us express our self, emotions, and feelings. Good music and love songs can are perfect in this aspect because it's going to lighten up our mood and makes us feel happy while carrying out our daily tasks.

5. It improves the function of the brain- Music does send some signal to the brain which helps it to function well. After music sound vibrates from the external ear to the inner ear, the cell releases a chemical neurotransmitter that activates the auditory nerve transferring little electric currents to the auditory cortex in the temporal lobe of the brain. Music helps the brain to function actively which can also help us perform our work better especially works that deals with reasoning.

Conclusively, Good music especially inspiring and gospel music do have a lot of great effects on the health of the human body thereby serving as a therapy for the human body.

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