4 Ways Vibration Analysis Equipment Can Improve Efficiency in Manufacturing Facilities

Improving efficiency is a goal for many manufacturing facilities, big or small, and across all industries. When critical assets are fully functional, and every team member is working efficiently, things go smoothly and safely, and the facility can maximize its potential output. Conversely, when unexpected repairs occur, this can result in downtime or even shutdowns, and the financial consequences can be severe in extreme cases. To help improve efficiency, many facilities employ vibration monitoring systems to strengthen their predictive maintenance process and have noticed positive effects across other areas of the facility. Here are a few of the ways that vibration analysis equipment could help your facility.

Recognize Potential Issues Ahead of Time

Surprises are seldom welcome in a manufacturing facility. Managers and operators need consistency and reliability from critical assets and equipment. Preventative maintenance ensures these machines operate smoothly, but specialty vibration analysis equipment can go further. Contactless vibration analysis equipment provides a component-level view of your critical assets, helping you recognize and understand signs of potential problems. With this information, you can include preventative measures into your predictive maintenance process to protect the lifespan of your assets.

Streamline Your Operations

Managers know efficiency improvements, no matter how small, can generate results over time. With the best vibration analysis equipment, you can go beyond the component-level view and see how the whole system operates and how each asset interacts with the next. Visualizing the movement between assets helps managers plan for improvements that could generate better efficiency and productivity over time. Excess vibrations or movement could be a sign of larger problems at play too, and without this vibration analysis equipment, managers could have been left in the dark.

Limit Unnecessary Downtime

The best way to improve efficiency is to maximize the time your assets have to operate and reducing unexpected downtime. While downtime is unavoidable and necessary to perform essential maintenance, unforeseen and unnecessary downtime costs money. The right vibration monitoring system alerts you before a minor issue becomes a time-intensive repair. Contactless vibration monitoring systems are also quick and simple to use. They require no machine downtime to install contact-sensors, and instead visualize movement across an entire asset, amplifying the motion to a level visible to the human eye.

Improve Communication with Non-Technical Team Members

Efficiency in a facility goes beyond the assets themselves. The line of communication between technical and non-technical team members must be quick, clear, and simple. Modern vibration analysis equipment amplifies motion, helping non-technical team members visualize motion typically invisible to the human eye instead of deciphering a chart or complex data. This makes it easier for technical team members to communicate data clearly and efficiently, which can go a long way in the modern manufacturing facility.

About RDI Technologies

RDI Technologies has successfully revolutionized the testing and machine condition monitoring world by introducing their cutting-edge Iris technology platform. Powered by Motion Amplification®, the Iris M™ vibration analysis equipment platform is a precision predictive maintenance solution that delivers valuable insights into the reliability and condition of critical assets. RDI Technologies’ Motion Amplification technology reveals otherwise-invisible problematic vibration and movement in equipment, allowing users to evaluate its condition in real-time. In addition to the ease of use and reliability of the Iris product platform, it can be installed without machine downtime and run continually or at specific intervals. Better understand test results and the condition of critical assets with Iris M™ from RDI Technologies.

Learn more about how the Iris M™ platform can improve efficiency at https://rditechnologies.com/

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