Mechanical Engineering Design Consultants

From idea to finished product . We are pleased to support you in the implementation of mechanical engineering. Whether it is material selection for laser cutting , fabrication of sheet metal parts and assemblies , calculation and optimization of a welded structure or surface design .            

Prototyping and cost optimization

Building a prototype is one of the highlights of our home. We support our customers in product optimization as well as targeted optimization of production costs in series production. We offer these services for both prototyping and existing products. We support our clients in optimizing costs, especially in the highly competitive American or European markets.   

Digital data

We have everything you need to process various digital design data in mechanical engineering: DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, we process all the files commonly used today.

Sheet metal processing

Are you not sure if sheet metal processing can be realized? Send us your 3D file. We simulate machining in our sheet metal software and make corrections suggestions.  

Engineering assembly

We will also be happy to provide mechanical and electrical consulting engineers to assist you in the assembly of mechanical engineering. Whether it is prototyping, small batch production or batch production, we assemble your assemblies and equipment . You can decide if you should deliver the components or we should procure them for you.       

Company Karnoenergy has a great track record and high reputation in the industry. Everyone who needed quality services in the field of mechanical engineering design has always found them from our company and we are proud that our services are used to implement thousands of projects around the world .


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