How To Use A Coating Thickness Meter, And Why Is It Important?

Paints are not only meant to add colour to surfaces, but they also act as a protective layer. A high-performance coating is necessary to protect a surface from environmental damages. The two main parameters that determine the paint's performance in terms of protection are paint quality and paint thickness. A coating thickness meter comes in handy while measuring the Paint thickness.

Let’s see what coating thickness meter is, and what makes it important

It is a common notion that the greater the thickness of the paint, the better would be the protection. Now, while a layer too thin would wear off easily, an excessively thick layer would be prone to cracks. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the paint's thickness on a surface and ensure that the right thickness is chosen.

A coating thickness meter is a device used to measure the thickness of a paint coating. The meters are designed either for ferrous surfaces or non-ferrous ones. On ferrous substrates like steel, electromagnetic induction is used by the meter to gauge the thickness. Meters designed for non-ferrous or non-conductive surfaces use Eddy current. Both of these methods are non-destructive, i.e., they do not require cutting into the paint layer.

What is paint coating thickness testing done for?

A coating thickness meter can be used in various situations where it is necessary to gauge the thickness of a paint layer. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below:

·       In the case of a surface covered in waterproof paint, it can measure the amount of waterproofing that has been provided.

·       While buying a pre-owned car, one may use this device to look for re-paint jobs on the vehicle. Lack of uniformity may indicate a past incident with the vehicle. 

·       Ferrous surfaces tend to rust without adequate protection. An adequately thick layer of paint can protect them from environmental exposure and thereby prevent rusting.

The applications of a paint coating thickness meter are certainly wide, and it is a useful tool used in various industries. Without adequate testing, the paint thickness would be left neglected, and it reduces the durability of the paint job.


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