Understanding Mental & Physical Health Issues After Severe Head Injuries or a Traumatic Brain Injury

Suppose one has recently suffered from a mild or violent blow to the head. In that case, they must get it checked by a neurologist or brain injury specialist Raleigh to ensure that any injury or damage to the brain is appropriately diagnosed and treated.


Symptoms, Causes, and Types of Brain Injury

The main symptoms that indicate TBI or traumatic brain injury include severe or throbbing headaches, loss of consciousness for brief or prolonged periods, a tingling or numbing sensation, nausea, sensitivity to light and loud sounds, lethargy or dizziness, fits or seizures, memory loss, hindered speech and loss of balance. Some other common symptoms include fuzzy or blurred vision, a consistent ringing in the ears, and the failure of taste or a foul taste in the mouth.

An external blow to the head typically causes TBI because of a fall, a fight, a car accident, a sports injury, or other accidents. There a variety of types of brain injuries. Listed below are a few of the commonly seen varieties:

§  A traumatic blow to the head causes TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury

§  Hematoma is the clotting and collection of blood outside of the blood vessels in the brain that build up the pressure within the skull, which can result in temporary or permanent brain damage based on how quickly and efficiently it's treated

§  Hemorrhage is the internal bleeding either within the space around the brain or within the brain tissue and can cause pressure due to buildup over time

§  A concussion is a milder version of TBI that is generally temporary, but repeated concussions can lead to more permanent damage

§  Skull fractures that occur due to an accident and injury are less common as the skull is stronger than most other bones in the body due to its lack of bone marrow


Mental and Physical Complications Post-Brain Injuries

There are several physiological and psychological complications that one may suffer from after a brain injury based on the severity of the blow's condition and intensity. Raleigh's best brain injury specialist will provide the patient with treatment plans to recover from their injury. Here are a few of the common physical health issues one may suffer from:

§  Altered sleep patterns

§  Increased fatigue and the loss of stamina

§  Loss of body coordination

§  Changes in appetite (increases or decreases)

§  Bladder or bowel changes

§  Paralysis is one of the more severe problems that may follow a severe TBI

Some of the common mental health issues one may suffer from post-TBI are listed below:

§  Reduced attention span and concentration

§  Mood and behavioral changes

§  Brief memory gaps and loss or amnesia

§  Loss of social skills

§  Speech or hearing impairment

§  Reduced speed of thoughts, responses, and information processing

§  Distortions in visual perceptions

§  Misjudgments of distances due to reduced spatial and constructional skills

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