If you love the taste of tobacco or cannabis and you want to continue exploring that taste experience, then a glass pipe is definitely for you. This is because glass is a non-porous and non-combustible material, which means it adds nothing to your smoke. However, if you’re someone who inhales cannabis for medicinal purposes, but you’re not really a fan of the smoking experience, then it’s doubtful that a glass pipe will do anything for you.

If you’re a lover of all things artistic, then maybe you’d be happy to own a glass pipe purely for aesthetic purposes. Glass can be clown into truly fantastical shapes, including ragons, unicorns, serpents, mushrooms, animals, flowers, and the list goes on. Beautiful colors, intricate patterns, curved forms, can all be attractive on the eye, and tempt you to buy even if you don’t intend to smoke with it.

In practical terms, the pickle rick pipe eliminates the need for paper and traditionally-rolled cigarettes. Pure in flavor and free from the toxins that are inhaled from burning rollup paper, or from wood used in a traditional pipe, they could also be said to be the healthier option.

Plain and simple, glass offers a purer, cleaner, less toxic smoke. Glass pipes are fun, creative, and beautiful. They’re easy to clean, great for sharing, and they come in all shapes and sizes. So, you’re never a bored smoker when you have a glass pipe to hand.


Glass is fragile. It breaks easily. The internal stresses developed in a curvy glasspipe, though not visible to the naked eye, can cause the pipe to shatter. While there are certain techniques employed by glassblowers to help strengthen the glass used to create the best cannabis pipes, you still have to be careful when smoking with a glass pipe.

Just the name of this cold-cut pipe is fun, but the best thing about a bubbler is that the harsh tars and resins are filtered out. Sometimes referred to as the water pipe, bubblers diffuse the smoke through water before it reaches the consumers lips ready to be inhaled. Cool, right?

The chamber of a bubbler is sometimes filled with hot water, because the heat adds more water vapor to the smoke and improves the taste experience, but cold water is usually the standard. In fact, there are some seasoned smokers out there who use ice when smoking through a bubbler, which can be a real special experience for your lungs. Give it a try!

Most marijuana glass pipes are crafted by hand using a process that involves blowing the glass into a large bubble, applying regular hexagonal patterns of clear glass to the bubble, and then collapsing it back down into a compact, pipe-like form.

While wood and clay pipes tend to be mass-produced, the glass pipe is a work of art; a unique artisanal composition that ensures that no two cannabis smoking pipes are ever the same. It’s for this reason that the glass pipe is the kind of accessory that cannabis fanatics go wild for.

Small glass pipes need to be cleaned more offten than larger designs. The smaller surface area of a small glass pipe means that tar and resin accumulates faster and creates a thicker coating within a shorter time frame.

Bubblers are also prone to the development of scum formation on the surface of the filtration water. The tar and resin have a difficult time finding purchase on an absolutely clean glass surface. When they can’t accumulate on the glass, they accumulate on the surface of the water. Just so you know.

If you don’t clean your glass pipe regularly, the tars and resins will quickly begin to affect the taste of the smoke. They will also inhibit the airflow through the pipe and leave your pipe looking unattractive and less hygienic, which will end up being a real turn off for friends if you enjoy smoking in company.


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