Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett National

If you are a nature lover and a wildlife enthusiast and want to take out some time for yourself and your loved ones, then a weekend getaway to Jim Corbett is absolutely a great idea. Experience the escapade journey into the wild in this one of the oldest national parks named after the renowned naturalist Jim Corbett. 

Situated in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, this national park has a pleasant climate which makes it a favourable spot for tourists. The national park is home to abundant species of flora and fauna. The pride of the jungle is the king, the Royal Bengal Tiger. 

By taking an adventurous ride in the jungle safari, you can also stay inside the jungle in the Dhikala zone to feel and understand the living of the wildlife. If you wish to spend a luxurious holiday in Jim Corbett, the luxury resorts are waiting to host you in every possible and royal way.

Escape from the honking and screams of city life to the wild roars, trumpets, and chirpings of Jim Corbett.

Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park: 

Jim Corbett is known for its pleasant climate which results in an ideal tourist place to visit all around the year. But, the best time to visit this mystical national park is during the winters. During that time of the year, you can glimpse various unseen flora and fauna by visiting every nook and cranny of the jungle.

You can visit in the winter season from the months November to February, summers from March to June, and lastly, monsoons from July to October. 

The park is divided into zones, according to which the timings of travelling to Jim Corbett can be planned.

Zones in Zim Corbett: As you explore the jungle, you will notice that Jim Corbett National Park is divided into five significant zones. 

To get a natural feel of the place, and to understand the flora and fauna of the place, these tourist zones have been created.  Visitors can come to the proximity of the animals here, and they can walk around freely without any specific restrictions. 

Bijrani Zone: This zone is located at a distance of 1 km from Ramnagar, the starting point. The “Amdanda” is the entry gate to enter the Bijrani zone. It is just 4 km from the main city. Visitors have the option to explore this option via jeep safari. It has dense lustrous green surroundings of Sal and Oak trees. If you are lucky enough, you might catch the sight of a Royal Bengal Tiger while taking a safari in the Bijrani Zone.

Dhikala Zone: It is the largest and convenient among all the zones in Jim Corbett park with the picturesque landscape of dense Sal forest, numerous channels of Ramganga river, vast grassland, and valley. The entry gate of this zone is Dhangari.   This is the most popular zone for Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett. So make sure to book your slots in advance. You must stay a night in the Dhikala rest house and experience the enthralling fun of staying inside the jungle. 

This zone is open from 15 November to 15 June. The best time to visit this zone is during the winters.

Jhirna Zone: This zone is considered one of the safest and most comfortable among the other zones in the national park. It is situated at a distance of 16 Km from Ramnagar. The entry gate is the Dhela gate. This zone is open for visits throughout the year and hence Jim Corbett safari booking is also possible throughout the year for this zone. This zone is widely popular for its rich wildlife. You can witness sloth bears and wild elephants which provide great views for wildlife lovers.

Durga Devi Zone: Durga Devi Zone is located at the Northside of the Tiger Corbett Reserve. This zone is particularly famous for sighting wild elephants and Otters. Famous Mahseer fish can also be seen in the river water of the Durga Devi zone. This area is a paradise for bird watchers. You will find ample opportunities to spot exotic birds in this zone.  However, the chances of spotting a tiger in the Durga Devi Zone are less. The distance from Ramnagar is 36 km, and you will be able to book a safari through this zone very easily in comparison to other zones. 

Dhela Zone: This is the newest zone opened in Corbett Reserve. This zone falls under the category of mixed forests of Sal, Rohini, Haldu, Bahera, and Kusum. One can witness a large variety of fauna particularly rich in bird diversity. Tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears, and king cobras are the animals one can see during their jeep Safari visit in the Dhela zone. Visitors can explore this zone with jeep safari only in the daytime.

Type of Safari in Jim Corbett: 

To experience the exquisite wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park, you must book your slots in advance for a safari in the jungle so that you do not miss the golden opportunity to feel the flora and fauna closely.

There are 3 types of Safari in Jim Corbett:

    1. Canter Safari- Canter safari is quite popular in Jim Corbett. It is pretty affordable if you're having a group of 10-16 people. The vehicle comprises 16 tourists at a time. Canter safari is only available in the Dhikala zone. To spot the animals distinctly with a clear view, summer is the best time to book your Canter Safari online 45-90 days in advance. The cost of a canter safari is Rs. 1500 for Indian tourists.

    2. Jeep Safari- During the Jeep Safari, you can spot leopards, deers, sloth bears, Himalayan black bears, elephants, etc. A view of migratory birds during the Jeep Safari makes the experience cherry on the top. Jeep safari is the star attraction of Corbett park. You can spot the majestic tigers resting in their natural habitat from an open jeep. An open jeep is completely safe with expert drivers and guides.  Keep your cameras ready as you can click some amazing pictures of the tigers, migratory birds, etc. A jeep safari can include 6 persons at a time. It costs around Rs.3800 per person for Indian nationals.

    3. Elephant Safari- Elephant safari in Corbett is the only way to see the wild animals closely and spend more time with them. Along with elephant and expert Mahout you can go deep into a mysterious forest, rugged trek, scenic valley, vast grassland and river. It's an adventure and scary feeling when you go close to a tiger or herd of wild elephants, yes this is a real elephant safari in their natural habitat. There are two timings, morning and evening for the elephant safari in Corbett.

Now you know everything you need about a safari at Jim Corbett National. So plan your jungle safari trip. Here's the booking process for Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett. via the official website of Corbett National Park.


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