Features that make the online booking process memorable in Airbnb like app

Travel requires immense planning but with apps like Airbnb it’s simple. The core functionality of the app is that people can post their advertisements in the app and prospective buyers can rent the place.  There is immense scope still left unexplored in the online hotel booking app sectors. Features are important defining aspects of online hotel booking apps. Lets us look at the features offered by the on-demand rental app:

Notifications: Customers can book for the rooms and get notified through push notifications about the current booking status. In addition to that, notifications inform users of the upcoming offers and deals. It is a great strategy to retain customers to use in-app like Airbnb. 

Payment methods: When customers book for rooms via a hotel reservation app, they look for secure payment methods and also a convenient model of payment. Various digital payment modes such as credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets like Paytm, and PalPal provide options for customers to choose from. 

Transaction history: Customers can review their transaction history whenever they want by browsing through the payment history section.

Search functionality: Airbnb for x solution must have the necessary features for searching and sorting through the listings. There must be a sort option based on price, location, and so on. 

Identification to prevent frauds: There are illegitimate and fraudulent advertisements posted in the online booking app. In order to sort through them and offer customers the relevant rooms, there must be a fraud identification algorithm. 

Appdupe takes care of Airbnb for X app development process and offers customers a stellar application. Entrepreneurs can easily become part of the trending sector by getting these apps.


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