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[188] Korea Consulate General (True Friends Park Building) Spanish Consulate (4th Street, Phuc Loc Vien Area, 399 Ngo Quyen Street, Son Tra District). Da Nang Hoi An Afternoon Tour By the end of December, the total mobilized capital was estimated at 131. Both sides , close to the wall is a bronze bell weighing over half a ton and a large drum placed on a wooden rack given by King Bao Dai The civil airport was also built by the authorities early in 1926. Here also known as "Peace Park" with more than 1. The Hai Chau Hospital (Cao Thang Street, Hai Chau District) precursor Teresa Birth Clinic was built in 1967 [180] 000 children, is the place where many couples choose to be the wedding photography venue and the venue for festivals in the city. The Vietnamese and the Chinese rebuilt the city from the old ruins, new houses sprung up according to their own architecture and accidentally, the traces of the Japanese neighborhood were erased forever. And researcher Sakaya (ie Truong Van Dish) said that "Da Nang" may come from the Mon-Khmer language group, Dakdong - Da Duong, meaning river [174] Da Nang is home to the first Evangelical Church in Vietnam, established in 1911 by the missionaries of the Union of Congregation for the Evangelization of Blessings (CMA). Da Nang tours always visit Ngu Hanh Son because this place helps visitors to shake off the dust, escape from persecution and go into heaven. 5 National Period Vietnam and Republic of Vietnam 3 The idyllic name "Ong Chai mountain" can be derived from that. By the time the Vietnamese replaced the Cham, Chinese merchants continued to trade because the southern provinces of China needed salt, gold, and cinnamon. [95] The people here also have a lot of fun, notably the next card game, the tattoo game, the bachelor's ticket game, the poetry game, the calligraphy game < div> Danang Hoi An at Da Nang Booking < / strong> or Tour Da Nang


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