Microsoft Solutions and Licensing Services

With the right Microsoft solutions, your organization can start winning with IT. Our Microsoft service desk solutions enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition with the most up-and-coming cloud, hardware, and software technologies. Whether you’re making the switch to a Microsoft enterprise solution for your internal IT department, or need assistance with upcoming IT infrastructure projects, our Microsoft solutions have you covered.

Over 25 Years of Microsoft Solution Expertise

Microsoft License is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider with more than 25 years of experience in proactive support and infrastructure management. We also deliver strategic IT consulting services around Microsoft Applications. We hold experience supporting a variety of Microsoft technologies, including Datacenter (e.g., Server, System Center, Exchange), Productivity (e.g., Office 365, SharePoint, Business Intelligence), and Azure Cloud (e.g., Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service). Microsoft License allows organizations to concentrate on running their businesses while we manage their Microsoft environment and provide expert IT strategy and consulting.

Microsoft License has years of experience deploying and implementing Microsoft solutions as a Microsoft Partner. We work hand in hand with Microsoft to provide our clients with the most up-to-date technology solutions that drive innovation, productivity, and increased revenue.

Microsoft License provides custom Microsoft solutions in the following areas:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides businesses with the applications to run their business smoothly, while tailoring to industry and business specific needs.

Microsoft Teams

Looking for a unified communications platform that combines chat, video, meetings file storage and sharing, and application integration. With the ability to integrate with Office 365 and non-Microsoft applications and products, your teams’ collaboration and productivity will skyrocket.


Make better use of your hardware by virtualizing multiple operating systems to run off the same physical server simultaneously. Hyper-V gives you the ability to run multiple virtual machines while controlling the hardware and allocating the right resources to each operating system.

System Center

This software allows users to manage a large number of Windows based computers and features remote control, patch management, operating system deployment, network protection and other various services.

Threat Protection

Protect yourself against sophisticated attacks including identity, endpoints, apps and data in a unified platform. From preventative protection to post-breach detection, automated investigation and response, Threat Protection has you covered.

Cloud Security

Gain more control and visibility into cloud-based applications on your servers and devices through Shadow IT. Identify and remediate cloud native attacks and control how data travels across apps while remaining compliant.

Azure Cloud

The trusted cloud for ultimate productivity and security. Turn your ideas into realities faster than ever before by leveraging the Azure Cloud.


SharePoint is as a secure platform where users can share, store, organize, and access data from numerous mobile devices. It facilitates and streamlines team and cross-departmental collaboration, as well as document storage and retrieval, all within the confines of enterprise-grade security and compliance.


Work smarter with business-class email and calendaring. Get more done faster with access to a more personalized inbox. Features include search enhancements that give you faster and more complete results. With customization and add-ins available, streamline your internal and external communications.

Azure Active Directory Services

Manage user accounts, access control, as well as assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers. Without it, you may experience performance and operational issues including; slow login times, slow or failing replication between domain controllers, security policies not getting applied, and name resolution failing between clients and servers.

Identity & Access Management

Manage access controls and user policies with things like Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Conditional Access, Identity Protection, and Identity Governance.

Microsoft Licensing

Pay-as-you-go or long-term contract? Discover what’s best for your business

Choosing the Best Licensing Vehicle for You

Companies that don’t fluctuate with how many seats they need can benefit from a longer term contract, especially with “use it or lose it” type of budgets. Plus, you get all the Microsoft products.

With Pay-As-You-Go (CSP) Licensing, companies utilize an operating expense and can easily scale up and down at a moment’s notice. It makes it easy to keep your bottom line trim since you’re only paying for what is actually being used. While you don’t get all of Microsoft’s products, you get the most updated and recent versions along with premier support. Pay ONLY for what you use! With CSP licensing companies easily scale up and down at a moment’s notice. It’s easy to keep your bottom line trim when you’re only paying for what is actually being used.

500 SEATS OR LESS? Pay-as-you-go licensing is available for Microsoft users needing 500 seats or less. Do your amount of seats often change? Don’t worry – add or remove seats as
often as needed and only pay for those you currently use.

500 SEATS OR MORE: Consider an Enterprise Agreement, and allow us help you navigate Microsoft Incentives to see which model is right for you.



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