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Nail Polish and Maine Coon Cats
2021-04-10 02:12 BY Petscare
Please make sure you talk to your vet before you decide to paint your Maine Coon or other feline’s nails. You should also take a few oth
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Why Lighting is Important in Pet Reptiles and Amphibians
2021-04-10 01:02 BY Petscare
Lighting is a crucial aspect of taking care of reptiles and amphibians. In their natural habitat, these animals rely on sunlight to keep their bodies warm. Sunl
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Constipation in American Curls
2021-04-09 23:33 BY Petscare
Did you know that cats can have occasional bouts of constipation? For instance, cats like the American Curl can have trouble and may be
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Dog Scooting May Be A Sign Of Infection
2021-04-09 22:03 BY Petscare
When you see that your dog drags his rear end across the floor, your first thought might be that he has impacted anal sacs. He drags his butt in an attempt to r
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What to Know About the American Wirehair
2021-04-09 10:32 BY Petscare
The American Wirehair first originated as a naturally occurring genetic mutation? In 1966, a couple living on a farm in Upstate New York
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Day Camp for Cats and Dogs
2021-04-09 07:27 BY Petscare
You may be familiar with day camps for canines, but did you know there are also day camps for felines? Whether you’re looking for a day
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Lightning And Heat Requirements Of Pet Tarantulas
2021-04-08 10:07 BY Petscare
Tarantulas will thrive in dark areas which direct sunlight cannot reach. Tarantulas do not like bright lights and incandescent light sources can dry out spid
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Understanding The Temperament And Behavior Of The African Pygmy Hedgehog
2021-04-07 09:28 BY Petscare
An African pygmy hedgehog is a low-maintenance pet. It can thrive in solitary housing in an adequately-sized cage with a kitty litter layer serving as substrat
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Tips In Choosing The Best Cat Food
2021-04-06 09:55 BY Petscare
There are quite a lot of available cat food options in pet stores, so much so that cat owners must have difficulty in selecting which product is ideal for their
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Pin Feathers In Birds
2021-03-26 23:45 BY Petscare
Blood feathers, or pinfeathers, are these new feathers that the bird grows as it goes through a molt. At first, pinfeathers will appear very short as they come
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How To Properly Care For A Kitten
2021-03-26 22:44 BY Petscare
You have a new kitten and a new addition to your household. Being the new owner of a kitten comes with great responsibility. As a new pet owner, one of your fir
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Useful Tips For Feeding A Sugar Glider
2021-03-26 21:21 BY Petscare
Sugar glider naturally eats nectar, pollen, tree saps, gums, honeydew, and several small insects. In the wild, their diet also changes depending on the abundant
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Choosing Dog Toys
2021-03-26 09:49 BY Petscare
Our canine companions are very frisky, which is one of the best things about them. Dogs are super cute when they are hard at play! Playing is also important bec
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Why Onions And Garlic Are Bad For Your Pet
2021-03-25 10:17 BY Petscare
Onion and garlic are very useful for your cooking. But if this is useful for you, it can be harmful to your pets. Dogs, cats, and birds should not be given onio
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Caring For Pets In Their Golden Years
2021-03-25 09:08 BY Petscare
Our animal companions will eventually approach their twilight years. Giving them the proper attention and care will be very beneficial for them. There are som
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