For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

10 min ago

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

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Maximizing Self #3

I grew up with the impression that if I worked hard, that would be enough to get me where I wanted to go in life. But that’s a fallacy. Th..

A.J. -2016-10-15 12:01
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The root of two evils

 Whatever your political party affiliation, Monday night's presidential debate was, at best, embarrassing. Neither candidate is one..

A.J. -2016-09-28 05:59
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Donald Trump a Blowhard?

I’ve noticed that the older we get (men especially), the more we don’t care what other people think about us or what we say. Maybe it’s be..

A.J. -2017-11-04 11:31
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Trump Claims Flynn’s Dealings with Russia Were Lawful

 According to the BBC news, Donald Trump has responded to a guilty plea by his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, by say..

A.J. -2017-12-02 17:53
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Papa John's Apologizes for Pizza Papa

Once again corporate-speak steps in oozing political correctness hoping to save the bottom line. In the most recent example, Papa John’s P..

A.J. -2017-11-15 08:19
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FHA Facing Losses in New Year

Alex Spanko in the reverse mortgage indie blog, reverse mortgage daily, reports the Federal Housing Administration will kick off the new y..

A.J. -2018-01-06 09:26
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MRI Encounters

I've just come from having an MRI of my right shoulder; an encounter so close that even though I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, was..

A.J. -2017-09-21 10:44
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Musk Bids to Build Chicago Travel Pods

According to BBC Technology News, Elon Musk's infrastructure firm, the Boring Company, will compete to build a new transport link in C..

A.J. -2017-12-02 17:58
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Australian Tip Lead to Investigation

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Associated Press reports that an Australian diplomat's tip appears to have helped persuade the FBI to investigat..

A.J. -2017-12-30 17:58
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Anti-Trump Screaming Protest Impotent

fascismnounA governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all i..

A.J. -2017-11-09 10:05
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Kaepernick Protest Misguided

Colin Kaepernick’s grievance filed against the NFL is as misguided as his taking a knee during the national anthem. The former 49ers quart..

A.J. -2017-10-16 09:58
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I’ve been a member of Toastmasters for 3 ½ years. I was a performer my whole life, on stage regularly since my mid-teens. But even in my 5..

A.J. -2017-10-22 17:08
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Jazz Great Jon Hendricks Dies at Age 96.

Jon Hendricks, the legendary jazz singer, has died at the age of 96.Once called the “James Joyce of jive” by Time magazine, Hendricks was ..

A.J. -2017-11-23 13:01
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Donald Trump Makes You Wonder

Back when I was making the majority of my income through composing, arranging and performing music, my goal was to make the listener happy..

A.J. -2017-09-25 14:14
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John F. Kennedy Assassination Documents Released

The long-awaited release of classified documents pertaining to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy was dampened by the a..

A.J. -2017-10-27 07:25
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Future Skills For Success

This is the listing from the World Economic Forum 2017. It is their list of the top 10 most demanded skills by companies comparing them fr..

A.J. -2017-10-17 07:52
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Cryptocurrency and the Economics of Shared Things

Decentralization and shared benefit services are driving major business model economies. Ushering in an age where the possibility of a one..

A.J. -2017-12-15 12:10
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Star Trek Travel

The field of condensed-matter physics encompasses all new solid and liquid phases of matter, and its study has led to nearly every technol..

A.J. -2017-10-27 15:41
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Haitian-Americans Protest Trump’s Vulgar Remarks

NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press reports that hundreds of Haitian-Americans and others have rallied in Times Square in New York City t..

A.J. -2018-01-15 19:15
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FHA Commissioner’s Seat Still Empty

The National Mortgage News reported the US Senate left Washington, D.C. for its holiday break without holding a vote on Brian Montgomery’s..

A.J. -2018-01-06 09:19
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Citigroup Slapped with $11.5M for Flawed Feed

Due to what was termed a “flawed data feed” Citigroup was slapped with $11.5 million in fines and restitution.  The erroneous feed cou..

A.J. -2018-01-06 09:00
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Crypto-Currency Hack Leaves Behind Empty Wallets

Hackers stole $400,000 of the virtual currency Stellar Lumen in an online attack on Saturday. The group hijacked the server that hosts Bla..

A.J. -2018-01-15 19:48
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Kirkpatrick’s 4-level Training Evaluation Model

Analyzing Training EffectivenessDonald Kirkpatrick, Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin and past president of the American S..

A.J. -2018-03-03 10:18
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Porn App Exposes User Names

A flaw in porn app, SinVR, left the personal data of thousands of users of its virtual reality porn app exposed. The site has since fixed ..

A.J. -2018-01-16 19:27
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Is Democratic Capitalism Failing?

Less than 20 years in, the 21st century has been a rocky one, with growing skepticism toward globalization and democratic capitalism. To k..

A.J. -2018-05-06 09:32
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Life as Leadership

Which way did they go? How many were there? I HAVE to know, I am their leader!Have you ever encountered a manager in your life who just di..

A.J. -2017-12-16 08:20
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The High Bar of High Performance

Setting the Bar on Team Performance.What does it mean to have a high-performing work team? What are the necessary attributes the individual..

A.J. -2017-12-29 09:34
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New Tax Bill Key Points

Vice-President Mike Pence declared the narrow 51-49 victory to applause from Republicans in the early hours of Saturday morning. The final..

A.J. -2017-12-02 11:42
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Canyon Fire 2 in North Orange County, CA

It has been so sad to see the devastation brought by the second fire to sweep through north Orange County, California, in less than a mont..

A.J. -2017-10-10 17:48
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Baseball Home Run Heat

The temperature is not the only thing getting hot this summer. Hitters in baseball are getting hot as well. Batters in what truly used to ..

A.J. -2017-07-01 14:37
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