For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

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For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

For our ancestors who didn’t have the benefit of a world map...

Rizom - April,2018

Just someone who enjoys the little things in life

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Just someone who enjoys the little things in life



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# Hug A Newsperson Day

Without a doubt one of the best things about writing blogs about #hastagoftheday is that I come across the best of the best or in this case ...

A. F. -2019-04-04 16:20
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Beach Volleyball - Sydney 3 Star FIVB Event

This last weekend we saw some of the best volleyball players in the world competing for a medal at the Sydney 3 Star FIVB World Tour event.The entry list for th

A. F. -2019-03-11 13:14
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Las Vegas 4 Star Event

What can I say about the Las Vegas 4 Star event...EVERYTHING was great! It was such an impressive showing brought to everyone by P1440. They were able to co-hos

A. F. -2019-02-18 13:58
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Let's Write Some Blogs

Hello People of Earth, My name is Andrew, but that really doesn’t matter at all honestly because it’s just a name. My new goal for the year is to begin writing

A. F. -2019-03-19 13:25
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# International Dance Day

“And We Danced” is what Macklemore and Ryan Lewis say in their hit song. However, what kind of dance do they even talk about. Honestly, it doesn’t matter at all

A. F. -2019-04-30 13:00
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Have you ever had a day where you physically just cannot stop laughing? Imagine that day again and now look at Twitter’s #NationalLetsLaughDay and let’s see i

A. F. -2019-03-19 13:34
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Game of Thrones Final Episode

SPOILER ALERT FOR ANY GOT FANS WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE SECOND TO LAST EPISODE OF S8We are FIVE days away from finding out who the new leader of the free world will

A. F. -2019-05-14 16:39
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April Fools

What can you really say about this day... April 1st otherwise known as April Fools day or All Fools day. It's a day where you wake up and if you don't remember

A. F. -2019-04-01 13:09
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# National Picnic Day

National Picnic Day! Celebrate the day by going outside! Yes I said it go outside and be in nature. Go out to your local park and set up a blanket and grab your

A. F. -2019-04-23 11:30
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# National High-Five Day

What day is it? It’s definitely the one and only (I think) National High-Five Day! That’s right if you are walking down the street ask someone for a high-five.

A. F. -2019-04-18 11:05
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World Autism Awareness Day #WAAD

Today is a day unlike any other, it is a day that highlights a disorder that affects millions of individuals and families. The stats say 1 i...

A. F. -2019-04-02 11:16
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Rome 753 BC

On this week’s “did you know?” It’s ROME’s birthday! That’s right Tanti Auguri Rome!!!!! (Best wishes) Could it be that Rome is celebrating their 2,772nd birthd

A. F. -2019-04-19 15:15
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# National Walking Day

We typically begin our days by waking up and generally walking around the house getting ready for our busy days. However, today is a different day! It's Nationa

A. F. -2019-04-03 16:43
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National Tax Day

It’s NATIONAL TAX DAY!!! Everyone rejoice for we have to pay our taxes… just kidding. However, tax day is the day we must have all of our taxes turned in and ma

A. F. -2019-04-16 13:45
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National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness day is a very important day to recognize. It’s one of the days in the year were we need to sit down and focus on how we ourselves are

A. F. -2019-04-16 13:45
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It's Friday the 19th

It’s that time of the week where I confess all of my dying secrets to end the week.What dying secrets do I have? Not many, but I do have a few for this week. Th

A. F. -2019-04-19 10:15
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# National Siblings Day

To say the very least while saying the most about National Siblings Day, it is that tiime of the year where you put aside your differences and utter hatred for

A. F. -2019-04-10 14:24
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Star Wars! May the Fourth be with you

One of my favorite times of the year. That’s right it’s freaking STAR WARS DAY! May the fourth be with you as everyone says. Yes, it’s a time to rejoice as our

A. F. -2019-05-03 18:00
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# National Day of Space Flight

It’s Friday! Work is coming to a close again but wait what is that in the air, let’s take a look shall we! *grabs telescope* Eureka!!! We found it!! It’s Intern

A. F. -2019-04-12 10:36
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# National Denim Day. It's more than a material

What do you know about Denim day? Would you believe it is a day to celebrate the wonders of denim or could you believe that it is the act of spreading awareness

A. F. -2019-04-24 17:16
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End of the Work Week

It's FRIDAY!It's that point in the week where we can say the work week is sooooooooo close to being over. Technically, we can leave work at anytime, but someone

A. F. -2019-04-05 14:33
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# National Pet Day

National Pet Day is probably the best day ever if you are an animal lover. In my case I love animals. I even watch an anime that is about a guy that has a cat,

A. F. -2019-04-11 11:50
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# Earth Day

Earth. A place where all of us call home. We take our sweet earth for granted and it seems like it will last forever, but that’s a mistake. We are currently liv

A. F. -2019-04-22 16:58
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World Password Day

Come one come all to World Password Day! A day to find out if you are really that secure or if your password is as strong and durable as a piece of paper and I’

A. F. -2019-05-01 18:00
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NBA Playoffs! Pt 1

With time counting down, the NBA is becoming more and more intense. Without a doubt the NBA is a place where magic happens. It’s the playoffs and the time is cl

A. F. -2019-04-23 16:49
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# May Day

Today we celebrate May Day (International Workers Day). May Day is a public holiday usually celebrated on 1 May. It is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring fes

A. F. -2019-05-01 14:58
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World Press Freedom Day

What better way to tell someone something than to call the press and have them announce it all over the news. It would be funny right? Merely impossible for tha

A. F. -2019-05-02 17:00
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National Nurse Day

Who saves lives? Nurses! Who takes care of you? Nurses! It’s National Nurses Day, the men and women who studying for years to be in the ER or Doctor’s office to

A. F. -2019-05-06 12:55
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# National Honesty Day, Hey Look Ma, I Made It

National Honesty Day,Be the better you. Be Honest with yourself. Do your best to make someone proud.All my life, been hustlingAnd tonight is my appraisal'Cause

A. F. -2019-04-30 14:45
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