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Personalized children’s books that provide a unique storytelling experience
2021-04-13 07:13 BY MarioBCowans
Parents, relatives, and friends who want to create highly personalized books for the child they love can now offer personalized gifts that provide a unique stor
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How to Select a Home Renovation Company London?
2021-02-27 01:32 BY MarioBCowans
Most Londoners have found themselves living a waking nightmare following undertaken home renovation jobs. Some are the victims of unscrupulous or incompetent co
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Augusta Hitech is launching Blockchain Vaccine Passport
2021-02-27 00:37 BY MarioBCowans
Technology has been praised for the role it plays in providing solutions. As the world is experiencing one of the most difficult periods due to a public health
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New hands-free luxury drawstring bag making moving out and about fun and convenient
2021-02-24 03:00 BY MarioBCowans
Moving out and about now just got easier and more fun. A new hands-free luxury drawstring bag is not only promising to help accessorize style with the luxury ba
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SwipenSnap “As Seen On Shark Tank” A Single Mom’s 10-Year Dream Come True
2021-02-02 12:07 BY MarioBCowans
[February, 2021] -- Inventor Alina Kravchenko appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank on January 22, 2021, to pitch her invention, Swipensnap, the world’s first and the on
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EELink Takes the Lead in Development and Manufacturing of Global IoT Devices for Logistics and Transportation
2020-12-21 12:43 BY MarioBCowans
December 28, 2020 --With modern Internet of Things (IoTs) experiencing exponential growth and surging demand for IoT devices continue to increase globally, EELi
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A guitar that can play drums by Busuyi Guitars
2020-12-21 11:54 BY MarioBCowans
Lawrenceville (December, 2020).A company that makes world-acclaimed guitars, Busuyi Guitars, has released a new series of guitars that has “drums” on board. Dub
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Florida National Parks Association Releases Specialty Florida Bay Forever License Plate
2020-12-06 06:22 BY MarioBCowans
Miami, 1st of December, 2020. In Florida, presale vouchers for the Florida Bay Forever specialty license plate are now on sale. Three thousand plates must be so
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Nationwide Debt Attorneys selects Timeshare debt niche as its assistance program for January 2021
2020-12-06 05:24 BY MarioBCowans
Starting January 2021, Nationwide Debt Attorneys will offer assistance to those clients suffering from Timeshare debt. The company which specializes in resolvin
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A music collaboration that is bringing a breath of fresh air combining Hip Hop and Pop Music
2020-11-27 12:06 BY MarioBCowans
Future is bright for two music recording artists - Michael J Foxx & Sydney Sexton. The two who are collaborating on the production of a new joint album have
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13 GCC Nationals Named Among the World’s Top 1% of Scientists
2020-11-21 12:35 BY MarioBCowans
The names of 13 Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC, or Arab Gulf Countries) researchers have been listed among the top 1% of scientists in a global list compiled by
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Local mental health therapists here to help military spouses ~Get Clarity!
2020-11-21 11:52 BY MarioBCowans
Clarity Wellness Center, a Las Vegas mental health center, has launched a program offering affordable mental health and substance use counseling for military sp
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Dhunna Capital Engages Russell Creative Group for a Multi-Family Reg D 506c Campaign
2020-11-19 09:09 BY MarioBCowans
(San Diego, California.) - Procurement of the best branding, marketing, and lead generation for a Reg D 506c campaign is tricky. The amount of detailed thought
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Positively Georgia–Chin Up Pup among one of the most read motivational books during the pandemic
2020-11-19 08:21 BY MarioBCowans
If there is anything that the current pandemic has taught everyone, the importance of “the power of positive thoughts” ranks high. Adults and children alike hav
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An Internship at United Nations Leads Your Future: The New York Graduate Plan
2020-11-17 08:25 BY MarioBCowans
(November, 2020. New York City) - There has never been a time like 2020 in modern history. With a global pandemic, the rise of racial equity hitting a fever pit
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