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  • Robert Aylet:
    • Peace with Her Foure Garders: Five morall meditations[1]
    • Thrifts Equipage: Five divine and morall meditations[1]
  • Sir John Davies, Nosce Teipsum (see also Nosce Teipsum 1599, 1619)[1]
  • Michael Drayton, The Second Part, or a Continuance of Poly-Olbion from the Eighteenth Song (see Poly-Olbion, Part 1, 1612)[1]
  • John Hagthorpe, Divine Meditations, and Elegies[1]
  • Patrick Hannay, The Nightingale, Sheretine and Mariana. A Happy Husband. Eligies on the Death of Queene Anne. Songs and Sonnets. (A Happy Husband first published separately in 1619 with Richard Brathwait's Description of a Good Wife; Elegies on Queene Anne also published separately in 1619)[1]
Title page of Ivan Gundulić's Tears of the Prodigal Son

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