1801 United States Senate special election in Pennsylvania


The 1801 United States Senate special election in Pennsylvania was held on December 17, 1801. George Logan was elected by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to the United States Senate.[1]


The Democratic-Republican Peter Muhlenberg was elected to the United States Senate by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, in February 1801. Sen. Muhlenberg resigned on June 30, 1801, after being appointed supervisor of revenue for Pennsylvania by President Thomas Jefferson.[2]


Following the resignation of Sen. Peter Muhlenberg, the Pennsylvania General Assembly convened on December 17, 1801, to elect a new Senator to fill the vacancy. The results of the vote of both houses combined are as follows:

State Legislature Results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic-Republican George Logan 68 61.26
Democratic-Republican Joseph Hiester 30 27.03
Democratic-Republican Isaac Weaver 4 3.60
Democratic-Republican Samuel Maclay 2 1.80
Democratic-Republican Nathaniel Boileau 2 1.80
Unknown John Kean 1 0.90
N/A Not voting 4 3.60
Totals 111 100.00%


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