There were seven special elections to the United States House of Representatives in 1961, during 87th United States Congress.

District Vacator Reason for Vacancy Candidates
Representative Party First elected
Arizona 2nd Stewart Udall (D) Resigned January 18, 1961, after being appointed United States Secretary of the Interior Mo Udall (D) May 2, 1961
Arkansas 6th William F. Norrell (D) Died February 15, 1961 Catherine Dorris Norrell (D) April 18, 1961
Pennsylvania 16th Walter M. Mumma (R) Died February 25, 1961 John C. Kunkel (R) May 16, 1961
Tennessee 1st B. Carroll Reece (R) Died March 19, 1961 Louise Goff Reece (R) May 16, 1961
Louisiana 4th Overton Brooks (D) Died September 16, 1961 Joe Waggonner (D) December 19, 1961
Michigan 1st Thaddeus M. Machrowicz (D) Resigned September 18, 1961, after being appointed judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan Lucien N. Nedzi (D) November 7, 1961
Texas 20th Paul J. Kilday (D) Resigned September 24, 1961, after being appointed judge of United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Henry B. Gonzalez (D) November 4, 1961

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