97th Bombardment Wing (U.S. Army Air Forces)


The 97th Bombardment Wing is an inactive United States Army Air Forces unit. Its last assignment was with 9th Bombardment Division, at Camp Shanks, New York, where it was inactivated on 11 October 1945.

97th Bombardment Wing
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416th Bombardment Group Douglas A-26 Invader 1945.jpg
Country United States
BranchUnited States Army Air Forces
SizeCommand of light bomber forces
Part ofNinth Air Force
EngagementsEuropean Theater of Operations


The wing was activated in late November 1943 at Marks Hall, England. It was assigned three Douglas A-20 Havoc groups in the spring of 1944 and conducted combat missions from April 1944 until VE Day. In late 1944 and early 1945, its groups converted to the more capable Douglas A-26 Invader. In October 1945 the wing returned to the United States and was inactivated.[1]


  • Constituted as the 97th Combat Bombardment Wing (Medium) on 2 November 1943
Activated on 12 November 1943
Redesignated 97th Combat Bombardment Wing, Light in July 1944
Redesignated 97th Bombardment Wing, Medium in June 1945
Inactivated on 11 October 1945[1]






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