Croker Bay


Croker Bay
Croker Bay & Glacier Nunuvut Canada.jpg
Croker Bay and glacier seen from the sea
Croker Bay is located in Nunavut
Croker Bay
Croker Bay
LocationLancaster Sound
Coordinates74°42′N 83°14′W / 74.70°N 83.24°W / 74.70; -83.24 (Croker Bay)Coordinates: 74°42′N 83°14′W / 74.70°N 83.24°W / 74.70; -83.24 (Croker Bay)
Basin countriesCanada

Croker Bay (originally: Croker's Bay) is an Arctic waterway in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It lies off the southern coast of Devon Island in the eastern high Arctic. Like Maxwell Bay to the west, it is an arm of Lancaster Sound and Barrow Strait.

The abandoned Dundas Harbour is 32.1 miles (51.7 km) to the east.[1]

Croker's Bay was named by William Edward Parry in honor of John Wilson Croker.[2]


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