Good Governance Party


The Good Governance Party (民政党, Minseitō) was a Japanese political party which was in existence for a short period in early 1998. It was a centrist, reformist party that merged with other parties in April 1998 to form the Democratic Party of Japan.[1]

Good Governance Party
PresidentTsutomu Hata
Founded23 January 1998
Dissolved27 April 1998
Merger ofSun Party
Voice of the People
From Five
Merged intoDemocratic Party of Japan
Political positionCentre

There was an earlier pre-war Minseitō party, the Rikken Minseitō which existed from 1927-1940.

History edit

The Good Governance Party was composed of several smaller reformist groups that had emerged during the collapse of the large coalition New Frontier Party in 1996. These groups were:

Shortly after uniting on January 23, 1998, the Good Governance Party merged with the previous Democratic Party of Japan (1996-1998) (民主党, Minshutō), the New Fraternity Party (新党友愛, Shintō-Yūai), and the Democratic Reform Party (民主改革連合, Minshu-Kaikaku-Rengō) to form the brand-new Democratic Party of Japan. Hata, Kano and Hosokawa all played important roles in the development of the DPJ as the largest opposition party in Japan.

Presidents of GGP edit

No. Name Image Term of office
Took office Left office
Preceding parties: Sun Party, Voice of the People, & From Five
1 Tsutomu Hata   23 January 1998 27 April 1998
Successor party: Democratic Party (1998)

References edit

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