HDMS Peder Skram (F352)


HDMS Peder Skram F352 Royal Danish Navy Copenhagen Holmen 2014 01.jpg
HDMS Peder Skram as museum ship on 6 August 2014
Name: Peder Skram
Namesake: Peder Skram
Builder: Helsingør Skibsværft, Elsinore
Laid down: 25 September 1964
Launched: 20 May 1965
Commissioned: 25 May 1966
Decommissioned: 5 July 1990
Fate: Museum ship[1]
General characteristics
Class and type: Peder Skram-class frigate
Displacement: 2,755 t (2,711 long tons) full load
Length: 112.65 m (369 ft 7 in)
Beam: 12.25 m (40 ft 2 in)
Draught: 5.2 m (17 ft 1 in)
Speed: 30 knots (35 mph; 56 km/h)
Range: 7,200 nmi (13,300 km) at 15 kn (17 mph; 28 km/h)
Complement: 207

HDMS Peder Skram (F352) was a Peder Skram-class frigate in the Royal Danish Navy which was in use until 1990. It is now docked at Holmen in Copenhagen where it serves as a privately operated museum ship along with the ships of the Royal Danish Naval Museum. The ship is named after Peder Skram, a 16th-century Danish admiral.

Construction and career

She was laid down on 25 September 1964 and launched on 20 May 1965 by Helsingør Skinsværft, Elsinore. Commissioned on 25 May 1966.

Peder Skram was an innovative design using a hybrid propulsion system, a combined gas turbine and diesel approach (CODOG).[2] Peder Skram underwent significant refit in 1970 and a midlife update 1977–78 [3]

1982 Harpoon missile incident

In 1982 Peder Skram was involved in the accidental launch of a Harpoon missile, which inflicted no bodily harm.

Peder Skram was decommissioned in 1990, internal installations were auctioned off as scrap two years later. In the mid-1990s it was decided to restore her as a museum ship.

Peder Skram is today operated as a museum ship on a volunteer basis. It is open to visitors every day from 11am to 5pm in the school summer and autumn vacations and in all weekends in June and August.[4]


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