Jiuquan Launch Area 4


Launch Area 4
(South Launch Site)
Long March 2D launching off pad with VRSS-1.jpg
Launch siteJiuquan
Short nameLA-4 (SLS)
Total launches100
Launch pad(s)Two
SLS-1 / 921 (LC-43/91) launch history
First launch19 November 1999
Long March 2F / Shenzhou 1
Last launch15 October 2021
Long March 2F / Shenzhou 13
Long March 2F
SLS-2 / 603 (LC-43/94) launch history
First launch3 November 2003
Long March 2D / FSW-3 No.1
Last launch24 August 2021
Long March 2C / RSW-01/02

Launch Area 4 (LA-4), also known as the South Launch Site or SLS, and LC-43, is the only active Long March launch complex at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.[1][2] It consists of two launch pads; SLS-1 / 921 (LC-43/91)[3] and SLS-2 / 603 (LC-43/94).[3] SLS-1 has been the launch site for all missions conducted as part of the Shenzhou programme, including the first Chinese crewed spaceflight, Shenzhou 5. Since it was activated in 1999; Long March 2C, Long March 2D, Long March 2F, Long March 4C and Long March 11 rockets have launched from LA-4.

The first spacecraft to be launched from the site was Shenzhou 1, atop a Long March 2F, on 19 November 1999.[4] SLS-2 became operational in 2003,[5] and has since been used for most unmanned launches from Jiuquan. As of March 2010, twenty launches have been made from the complex. The most recent launch from the site was from SLS-2 on 5 March 2010, when the Long March 4C made its first flight from the complex, carrying the Yaogan 9 satellite.[1] Long March 4 launches had previously only been conducted from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.[6]


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