Medernach (Luxembourgish: Miedernach) is a town and commune in eastern Luxembourg. It is part of the canton of Diekirch, which is part of the district of Diekirch.

Former commune
Coat of arms of Medernach
Location of Medernach
Coordinates: 49°48′36″N 6°12′54″E / 49.81°N 6.215°E / 49.81; 6.215Coordinates: 49°48′36″N 6°12′54″E / 49.81°N 6.215°E / 49.81; 6.215
Country Luxembourg
CommuneVallée de l'Ernz
 • Total1,439

Since 2011, Medernach has merged with Ermsdorf to become the "Aerenzdallgemeng" (commune Vallée de l'Ernz, Ernztalgemeinde).

Former communeEdit

The former commune consisted of the villages:

  • Medernach
  • Marxberg
  • Ousterbur
  • Pletschette
  • Savelborn - part of the farm belongs to the commune of Waldbillig
  • Kitzebur


From 1987-2015 Medernach was home to an aerodrome (49°47′20″N 6°14′28″E / 49.78890°N 6.24101°E / 49.78890; 6.24101 (Medernach Airfield))

There is a monument commemorating the defense of the town by American soldiers during the winter of 1944–1945 (49°48′23″N 6°12′49″E / 49.80647°N 6.21357°E / 49.80647; 6.21357 (Medernach Airfield)).

The parish church, built in a neo-Romanesque style in 1806, has been a national monument since 2004. It houses the Baroque altar from the (now defunct) church of the Franciscan friars of Diekirch, dated 1712,[1] as well as a series of the Stations of the Cross.

Every year, the local produce exhibition is the first weekend of September.


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