Niagara Falls Bridge Commission
Public benefit corporation / Extra-Provincial Corporation (Ontario)
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The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission was established to finance, construct and operate the three internationalbridges across the Niagara River connecting the province of Ontario, Canada and the state of New York, United States: the Lewiston–Queenston Bridge, Whirlpool Rapids Bridge and Rainbow Bridge. It is mostly self-supporting from tolls, leases, and commercial concessions.[1] The commission is based in Lewiston, New York and is a unique Bi-National Commission. A Joint Resolution of the 1938 U.S. Congressional Third Session created the framework for the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission as it currently is constituted. The Extra Provincial Corporations Act of the Province of Ontario, Canada licenses the NFBC. Canada and the U.S. are equally represented on the NFBC by the bi-national appointment of an eight-member Board of Commissioners.

Board of Commissioners

The commission is governed by an eight member Board of Commissioners, four appointed by the Premier of Ontario and four by the Governor of New York.[2]

Board of Commissioners
 Canada  United States
Michael J. Goodale, Chairperson Kathleen L. Neville, Vice Chairperson
Barton J. M. Maves Francis A. Soda
Carmine C. McShane Harry R. Palladino
Geoffrey Topping Vacant

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